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Nescafe supports Yunnan coffee

( Updated: 2016-11-17 15:46

The 26th International Conference on Coffee Science scheduled to be held from Nov 13 to 19 in Kunming has gathered scientists from across the nation to discuss technologies pertaining to coffee.

Juan Carlos Herrera Pinilla, from Nescafe's French research center, made a speech about a case participated in by the center that successfully increased Colombian coffee production.

The center has provided Yunnan coffee farmers with coffee field management and processing technology since 1998.

"At Nescafe we have shared coffee planting technology with all growers from across the world. We continue to research the possibility of spreading our new coffee varieties to more countries," Pinilla said.

He added that low productivity, high disease rates and global warming are threatening the global coffee bean yield and very possibly will lead to cuts in favorable coffee planting areas in the following years.

The coffee research center has been devoted to coffee technology research for many years. It mainly focuses on maintaining environmental sustainability and ensuring yields of high-quality coffee beans and cocoas.

Yunnan, as the meeting venue this year, has also gained international publicity.

The 100-year-old Yunnan coffee, typically Arabica coffee, can even match Columbia's. Yunnan's Pu'er and Simao coffees have gained geographical product certifications.

Yunnan is one of the China's most suitable areas for coffee growing, and accounted for 99 percent of China's total coffee exports as of the beginning of 2016.


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