Opinion / China Dream in expats' eyes

Chinese Dream in expat's eyes

Since Chinese President Xi Jinping first used the concept of "Chinese Dream" on Nov. 29, 2012 in Beijing, it has resonated with the world's common aspiration of development. Here we bring stories by expats who pursue their own Chinese Dream.

Building a new China-US strategic stability

[2013-06-18 14:21]

China and the US should build a new type of strategic stability which would extend beyond the dimensions of their bilateral relationship.

China hails all-dimensional diplomacy

[2013-06-06 10:52]

Only by joining hands and exchanging views on world issues, can China and US benefit both themselves and the rest of the world.

Is Guanxi bad for China?

[2013-05-28 10:57]

Americans value results. Perhaps that is why America is seen as a rich country. Relations mean very little. Qualifications mean almost everything.

Boundary disputes challenge China's rise

[2013-05-27 13:33]

China has had increasingly close economic relationships with its neighbors during its rise. This would provide China more leeway in the future.

What can US learn from Chinese culture?

[2013-05-23 11:11]

Some things I noticed that I really like about some customs in Chinese culture that I wish we would incorporate them in the United States.

A lesson from ancient Chinese leader

[2013-05-06 13:50]

As Zichan did, serve others selflessly and freely. We can make a better world when each of us begin to serve others in the best ways that we can.

Road nonsense in China

[2013-05-02 11:22]

I wonder why Chinese people can often be so friendly, polite and kind to each-other, yet as soon as they get on a road they are either crazy or completely unaware of the dangers.

China or US: Which offers a better life?

[2013-04-16 11:38]

America is cleaner than China. And Americans are more structured and organized in school and business than what I've experienced in China.

China is the country I love deeply

[2013-04-01 10:58]

China is the country I love deeply. No matter how others think, as a Tibetan, I just love China because I was born in the land.

Do you really love China?

[2013-02-23 14:14]

In the past seven years, they have provided 1,500 villagers with 24-hour medical treatment. The need of villagers is their career motivation, Wang said.

Music is the food of love

[2015-09-25 14:02]

Many times people ask if an intercultural relationship is difficult. For us, it’s not.

Raising my half-Chinese son after divorce

[2015-09-25 09:42]

Learning another culture was an important part of my young adult years and I want to give my kids that same opportunity, that same foundation, to be open to a world of possibilities.

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