Opinion / China Dream in expats' eyes

Chinese Dream in expat's eyes

Since Chinese President Xi Jinping first used the concept of "Chinese Dream" on Nov. 29, 2012 in Beijing, it has resonated with the world's common aspiration of development. Here we bring stories by expats who pursue their own Chinese Dream.

The feeling of being a foreigner

[2015-05-14 17:32]

There were times when I was scared to venture out on my own. The fear of getting lost was not an easy one to overcome.

First thoughts of a Georgia girl in China

[2015-05-11 11:10]

I have been in China for two months now. I know nothing, so I am told. I have a "China crush" is another one I am told.

10 things I dislike about China

[2015-05-06 10:47]

Before you go and think this is a post bashing China, stop. Because it's not. Don't get me wrong, I love China. It's a great place, with really friendly people.

What we can learn from ancient China?

[2015-04-29 17:06]

let me go back to my previous post and continue where I left off. The first person who comes to my mind is 'Zhuge Liang'. I got to know about him while watching the movie 'Battle of Red Cliff'.

How First Lady Peng is setting new trend in diplomacy

[2015-04-28 17:55]

It is the first time that a Chinese institute has researched the role of China’s first lady.

5 ways I've become a little bit more Chinese

[2015-04-27 10:11]

Although there are some Chinese customs that I doubt I'll ever embrace, I've found that China has definitely been rubbing off on me since I moved here eight months ago.

A day in the life of a Chinese community

[2015-04-21 09:06]

I'm not sure I wanted to get this intimately familiar with Chinese community living. For the longest time I harbored this vision of harmonious cohabitation.

One Belt, One Road for foreigners

[2015-04-17 17:23]

I’ve never been “that person” who is always trying to get friends’ opinion on the latest political happenings. I don’t usually find myself in political conversations.

Zhengzhou, my Chinese home

[2015-04-10 16:57]

When I first heard the name of the city I now call "home", I couldn't pronounce it. Of course I didn't understand Pinyin pronunciation at the time as I do now.

My Chinese Green Card, when are you due?

[2015-03-31 18:00]

With the growing domination of China and its quest to further promote its opening-up policies, increasing numbers of foreigners are willing to stay in China.

China should look to the best to improve soccer skills

[2015-03-18 17:27]

During the visit of Britain’s Prince William earlier this month, President Xi Jinping said China would learn from the United Kingdom’s formula and use it as a template for China’s soccer reforms.

Chinese football should start with grassroots

[2015-03-17 08:20]

Cultivating football at the grassroots level with qualified coaches training young players is the way to go for China, rather than concentrating on gold medalists. That way, future football stars can be nurtured through education.

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