Opinion / China Dream in expats' eyes

Chinese Dream in expat's eyes

Since Chinese President Xi Jinping first used the concept of "Chinese Dream" on Nov. 29, 2012 in Beijing, it has resonated with the world's common aspiration of development. Here we bring stories by expats who pursue their own Chinese Dream.

Lessons learned from experience

[2015-01-29 17:25]

Some people say that success is gained through making right decisions; right decisions come from the wisdom gained through experience.

How a western teacher survives in China

[2015-01-26 17:37]

I've always chosen to be a student of human behavior. Since coming to China 3.5 years ago, I've watched the behavior of those I've come into contact with.

Meeting up with other bloggers

[2015-01-05 16:45]

Hi all. One benefit of the China Daily Blog is a chance, from time to time, to meet with fellow bloggers in person.

Should China ban Christmas?

[2014-12-30 17:02]

Christmas is a time for family, for sharing, giving and basically a time for being human. And sure, at the same time it is a corporate holiday to an extent.

Most Chinese people are great

[2014-12-19 17:24]

I've had a wide range of dramatic experiences lately. Last night at dinner, I had one that is often repeated, but, not quite as much as it did. Let me explain.

My life with a blog in 2014

[2014-12-15 16:51]

I've been thinking about writing an article to summarize my life in the past year, 2014, and I saw the topic popping out yesterday. What a wonderful coincidence!

The only way China will ever be No.1

[2014-12-09 16:55]

There are a lot of measurements of the greatness or power of a country. The GDP can be accurately reported. The per capita income can be determined.

Why not in America?

[2014-12-03 18:25]

I am a self-professed vagabond. If I could, I would make a life out of traveling: seeing and experiencing the new, the strange, the colossal and the minuscule.

Top pay for a foreign teacher

[2014-11-20 11:13]

I received an email from another foreign teacher today that was quite interesting. He said, "I heard that you are the top paid foreign teacher in Henan. Is that true?

Top 10 kinds of foreigners in China

[2014-11-13 16:14]

Having lived in China pretty much my entire adult life, I have seen many foreigners come and go over the years. Here are 10 kinds of foreigners I conclude.

Selfie: capturing life’s moments

[2014-11-02 16:40]

For young people, selfie is a way to record the status of themselves, which they might share with others or not.

Hey Chinese, what's your hobby?

[2014-10-21 17:42]

I had always wanted to write on this topic but never did - until yesterday, when a phone call to my mother triggered my desire to finally embark on this article.

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