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Time to buy stocks?

( Updated: 2015-04-20 07:21

Jepchamp (Canada)

I won't. Even though the Chinese stock market has soared so much but many investors who haven't even completed high school have open trading accounts to invest in the stock market. Stock market is powerful and tickles people's greed so that no matter how little they understand the market, they rush to jump into it. People wish to make money without hard work. In this way, their mindset changes and becomes greedier and insatiable. This is more terrible than stock market bubble.

Time to buy stocks?

A concerned investor looks at prices of shares (red for price rising and green for those falling) at a brokerage house in Fuyang city, East China's Anhui province, March 3. [Photo by Lu Qijian / Asianewsphoto]

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