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Ulan Buh Desert      2014-01-08

The Ulan Buh Desert, called Wulanbuhe in Chinese, stretches over west Inner Mongolia's Alashan League, Wuhai City and Bayannaoer City, covering about 14,000 sq km along the Yellow River.

The Rock Paintings of Wulanchabu      2014-01-08

Wulanchabu Rock Paintings are mostly distributed in the inhabited area of the northern horde. Most of the rock paintings are about livestock and herding, and mainly reflect the living condition of the northern nomads.

Wuliangsu Lake      2014-01-08

Wuliangsu Lake Resort is situated at Urad Front Banner, Bayannao'er. The resort is at the south side of Wuliangsu Lake, which is one of the eight largest freshwater lakes in China, covering an area of 300 sq km.

The Wudangzhao Temple      2014-01-08

The Wudangzhao Temple is a state-level key relics protection unit and a 4A-level scenic spot. It is named "Wudangzhao" because it was built in the Wudang Gully of the Daqing Mountain.

Resonant Sand Bay      2013-12-19

Xiangshawan, literally "Resonant Sand Bay," is situated in the territory of Dalad Banner, Ordos.

Xilin Gol Prairie      2013-12-19

Within the zone are vast stretches of natural grasslands and landscapes of sand, lakes and volcanic remains, the most typical prairie scenery in Inner Mongolia.

Xilamuren Grassland      2013-12-19

Situated in the southeast part of Damao Banner and about 90 kilometers north of Hohhot, Xilamuren Grassland is the first grassland tourist attraction opened in Hohhot.

Rock paintings of Zhuozi Mountain      2013-12-19

The rock paintings at the foot of Zhuozi Mountain are 15 kilometers from the city center.

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High-speed train debuts in Inner Mongolia

A bullet train departed Hohhot East Railway Station for Ulanqab marking the start of high-speed rail services using Inner Mongolia’s first newly-laid high-speed railway on Aug 3.

Grassland Tales From Inner Mongolia

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region, during which various celebrations are planned to showcase its prosperity and ethnic diversity.

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