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Updated: 2013-12-16

The Inner Mongolia autonomous region has nine cities -- Hohhot, Baotou, Wuhai, Chifeng, Tongliao, Erdos, Hulunbuir, Ulanqab and Bayannur; three leagues -- Hinggan, Alxa and Xilin Gol; two municipalities with independent planning statues, Manzhouli and Erenhot; and 52 banners.

Hohhot city administers four districts, Xincheng district, Hui Ethnic Group district, Yuquan district and Saihan district; Tumd Left banner; and four counties, Togtoh county, Horinger county, Wuchuan county and Qingshuihe county.

Baotou city administers six districts -- Donghe district, Kundulun district, Qingshan district, Shiguai district, Baiyun Mining district and Jiuyuan district; two banners, Tumd Right banner and Darhan Muninggan Joint banner; and Guyang county.

Hulunbuir city administers Hailar district; Manzhouli, a municipality with independent planning statue; four county-level cities -- Zalantun, Yakeshi, Ergun and Genhe; and seven banners -- Arun banner, Daur Autonomous banner of Morin Dawa, Oroqen Autonomous banner, Ewenki Autonomous banner, Xin Barag Right banner, Xin Barag Left banner and Chen Barag banner.

Hinggan League administers two county-level cities, Ulanhot and Arshaan; three banners -- Horqin Right Wing Front banner, Horqin Right Wing Middle banner and Jalaid banner; and Tuquan county.

Tongliao city administers Horqin district; one county-level city, Huolin Gol; Kailu county; and five banners, Horqin Left Wing Middle banner, Horqin Left Wing Rear banner, Hure banner, Naiman banner and Jarud banner.

Chifeng city administers three districts, Hongshan, Yuanbaoshan and Songshan; two counties, Ningcheng county and Linxi county; and seven banners -- Ar Horqin banner, Bairin Left banner, Bairin Right banner, Hexigten banner, Ongniud banner, Harqin banner and Aohan banner.

Xilin Gol League administers Erenhot, a municipality with independent planning statue; Xilinhot, a county-level city; Duolun county; and nine banners -- Abag banner, Sonid Left banner, Sonid Right banner, Dong Ujimqin banner, Xi Ujimqin banner, Taibus banner, Xianghuang banner, Zhengxiangbai banner and Zhenglan banner.

Ulanqab city administers Jining district; Fengzhen city, a county-level city; five counties -- Zhuozi county, Huade county, Shangdu county, Xinghe county and Liangcheng city; and four banners -- Qahar Right Wing Front banner, Qahar Right Wing Middle banner, Qahar Right Wing Rear banner and Siziwang banner.

Erdos city administers Dongsheng district; and seven banners -- Dalad banner, Jungar banner, Otog Front banner, Otog banner, Hanggin banner, Uxin banner and Ejin Horo banner.

Bayannur city administers Linhe district; two counties, Wuyuan county and Dengkou county; and four banners -- Urad Front banner, Urad Middle banner, Urad Rear banner and Hanggin Rear banner.

Wuhai city administers three districts, Haibowan district, Hainan district and Wuda district.

Alxa League administers three banners, Alxa Left banner, Alxa Right banner and Ejin banner.

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Inner Mongolia seeks collaboration with SOEs

Inner Mongolia government recently invited State-owned enterprises (SOEs) to participate in a meeting, attempting to promote regional advantageous projects and seek for investment.

Inner Mongolia Enchants Tourists On Winter Grasslands

Inner Mongolia has promoted winter tourism via an assortment of festivals and events and to present its natural resources alongside unique nomadic culture.

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