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Minors banned from fighting fires

[2012-02-14 12:44]

A ban of children under 18 fighting fires has been introduced by authorities in Northeast China's Liaoning province.

Chinese become more open toward sex

[2012-02-13 21:05]

Chinese people have become more open toward having sex, according to the 2011 Global Durex Sexual Wellbeing Survey released today in Beijing. Sexual attitudes and behaviors have changed a lot among Chinese people.

Couples want matching plastic surgery

[2012-02-13 14:58]

A couple in Chengdu have consulted a cosmetic hospital for plastic surgery because they want look more alike, Chengdu Evening News reports.

Man arrested over panda murder 17 years ago

[2012-02-10 17:38]

A Chinese man who helped to cut off panda fur after it was killed 17 years ago has been arrested, China Business News reported on Friday.

Website to promote premarital virginity

[2012-02-10 17:08]

A single freelance writer in Wuhan has sparked an online storm by setting up a website that promotes premarital virginity, Chutian Times newspaper reported.

320 million smokers in China

[2012-02-10 17:06]

A total of 320 million adults, 31 percent of the population, smoke in China, more than the total number of people in the United States, report Friday.

Drug firm draws fire from animal rights activists

[2012-02-10 16:13]

A pharmaceutical company that makes medicines from bear bile has once again drawn fire from animal rights activists as it attempts to go public.

Philanthropist suggests RMB to spread messages

[2012-02-09 17:16]

Chen Guangbiao, a Chinese businessman and high-profile philanthropist, suggested classic quotes by Confucius be printed on RMB notes, Xin'an Evening News reported.

Major cities plan congestion fee to ease gridlock

[2012-02-09 13:22]

Major cities in China are planning to introduce a congestion charge to ease chronic traffic jams, according to an automobile industry insider, Beijing Daily reported Thursday.

Photos: Lottery life in China

[2012-02-08 18:04]

Life's a lottery in China.

Want to drive? Be traffic cops first

[2012-02-08 15:58]

Starting in December, people who want to get their driver's licenses in Taicang, East China's Jiangsu province, need to first work as assistant traffic wardens before their driving tests.

Schoolboy donates $12,000 to build library

[2012-02-08 15:50]

A high school student will donate 75,000 yuan ($12,000) to help build a library for a middle school in the city of Changzhou, East China's Jiangsu province, Modern Express reported Wednesday.

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