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Liu resigns as president of Legend Holdings

[2012-06-18 19:51]

Information technology guru Liu Chuanzhi resigned on June 18 as president of Legend Holdings Ltd, the parent company of the world's second-largest PC maker Lenovo Group Ltd, according to a statement released by Legend.

Protesters disrupt speech by Crazy English founder

[2012-06-18 19:43]

Protesters disrupted a speech by the founder of a well-known language institute on Sunday in Nanjing, holding up signs against domestic violence and distributing material at the scene.

Shenzhen government launches micro blog

[2012-06-18 19:39]

The Shenzhen government on June 18 launched its micro blog on, one of China's major micro-blogging sites run by Tencent.

Dutchman seeks birth parents for adopted daughter

[2012-06-16 14:04]

A Dutchman want to help her adopted daughter find her birth parents as a Father's Day gift.

Girl's death gives others gift of life

[2012-06-15 21:29]

The parents of a little girl who never had a chance to live decided to give meaning to their daughter's death by donating the girls organs to save two other children.

China becomes tomato industry target

[2012-06-15 21:16]

China - one of the world's three main tomato production and processing bases - has become a target for international tomato processors given the huge consumption potential.

Police detain man for Internet porn

[2012-06-15 20:05]

A man in Qianguo county, Jilin province, was detained 15 days and fined 3,000 yuan ($471) for downloading pornographic videos to his home computer, South China Metropolis Daily reported on June 15.

Hospital chief accused of raping 14-year-old

[2012-06-15 20:04]

The president of a hospital in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, was detained for allegations of rape, according to Jinhua Public Security Bureau.

Rare relics exhibition opens in Xi'an

[2012-06-15 19:26]

A new exhibition displaying rare cultural relics unearthed in Anyang, in Central China's Henan province, opened at the Shaanxi History Museum.

Father's Day not popular in China

[2012-06-15 19:07]

Father's Day spending in China is expected to be sluggish due to the relatively low popularity of the occasion among Chinese people, said a recent survey by research firm Horizon China.

Infrared camera snaps Siberian tiger in wild

[2012-06-14 21:29]

The forestry department of Wangqing county in Jilin province confirmed this week it has captured photos of a wild Siberian tiger again with a far-infrared camera set up on Changbai Mountain.

Beijing prisons testing video meeting system

[2012-06-14 21:18]

Prison inmates in Beijing could soon be able to talk to their families via video, after Beijing Municipal Justice Bureau launched a video meeting system as a part of their overall social help and education system.

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