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Spring Festival meme goes viral on social media

By Eric Jou ( Updated: 2015-02-06 17:21

Spring Festival meme goes viral on social media

Two street cleaners hold a wish card which reads, "Young people, set off fewer firecrackers! Let me and my old lady go back home earlier to celebrate Spring Festival! Thanks for your consideration!" The couple's plea on social media has kicked off a new meme online in China. [Photo/ Weibo]

Earlier this week an image of two street cleaners went viral on Chinese social media after netizens took the photo and created a whole series of image stories to go along with it.

In the original image, two street cleaners held up a sign asking young people to buy fewer fireworks, so that they could return home earlier to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival. The image was met with a multitude of reactions but took off once a netizen uploaded an image of a broom vendor with a similar message photoshopped onto the image.

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