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Dangerous and downright stupid reasons to open emergency exits

( Updated: 2015-01-15 07:19

The Chinglish phrase "No zuo no die" has been included in the online slang phrase book Urban Dictionary, meaning, if you don't do stupid things, they won't come back and bite you on the backside. This can't be wrong when referred to those who risk their lives, and those of many others, by triggering the emergency facilities of airliners.

How much must passengers pay in fine for such dangerous mistakes?  92,000 yuan for triggering a Boeing 320's emergency slide; 190,000 yuan for a Boeing 330's slide and 150,000 yuan for its safety door. 250,000 yuan for a Boeing 777's slide - big fat red envelops for airlines that come together with legal responsibilities.

Here are some ridiculous reasons people have triggered them.

Dangerous and downright stupid reasons to open emergency exits

Workers at Beijing Capital International Airport practice using an inflatable emergency slide during an emergency drill, Sept 16, 2005. [Photo/CFP]

In need of relief

A woman on a Sichuan Airlines flight from Sanya to Chongqing confused the toilet and an emergency exit and set off the emergency door and sides before takeoff, forcing 130 passengers to disembark and wait four hours before the plane got going again, on March 30, 2012.

Her behavior forced the pilot to stop the plane on the runway. The woman, in her 40s, said her legs shook when hearing the big bang as the emergency exit opened. Some 19 passengers changed their flights afraid of more problems on the plane.

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