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China's small schools go digital

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-12-27 16:03

BEIJING -- Small schools in Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous region have "gone digital", meaning that all 63,600 of the country's small schools now have access to digital teaching devices and resources.

Small schools, or the official term "teaching spots", are seen by many as the weakest link in China's elementary education. Most are nestled in remote and mountainous areas; are understaffed; and, as a result, were often unable to offer all eight compulsory subjects to elementary-level students.

To ensure rural children have access to quality education, the education and finance ministries initiated a joint program in November 2012 to install information technology at all education centers.

During the past two years, government funds have financed the installation of digital satellite receivers, computers, flat-screen TVs and electronic whiteboards, enabling the small schools to utilize standardized digital teaching resources.

The program is changing the educational landscape.

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