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Guangdong sees 1,400 new dengue fever cases in two days

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-09-25 00:46

GUANGZHOU - The number of dengue fever cases in South China's Guangdong province continues rising with more than 1,400 new cases in just two days, local authorities said.

A total of 17 cities in Guangdong have reported 7,497 dengue cases this year, reaching nearly 14 times the number of the same period last year, provincial health and family planning commission said.

The figure was 6,089 just two days ago.

Guangzhou, the provincial capital, was hit hardest by the virus. A total of 6,361 cases have been reported as of Wednesday, resulting in two deaths, the commission said.

Foshan city reported 789 cases including one death. Other cases were found in the cities like Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhuhai and Dongguan.

Another 16 dengue cases have also been reported in East China's Jian'ou city of Fujian province as of Saturday, local authorities confirmed.

Dengue fever, a viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes, mostly hits tropical and sub-tropical regions. The symptoms include high fever, nausea, rashes, backache and headaches. The hemorrhagic variant, which causes severe internal bleeding as blood vessels collapse, can be fatal.

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