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Putin vows to make Russia global leader, not hegemony

Updated: 2013-12-12 18:16
( Xinhua)

MOSCOW - President Vladimir Putin said Thursday Russia aspires be a global leader, but will not teach other countries how to live.

"We'll try to be leaders, protecting international law, based on respect for national sovereignty of the people. We are proud of our country but we don't claim the title of superpower understood as global or regional hegemony," Putin said in his annual state-of-the-nation address to the parliament.

He said Russia has been steadily standing for its values in the international relations.

"Military-political, economic, informational competition do not subside but grows in the world. Other global centers follow Russia's strengthening with attention," Putin said.

The president called to secure Iran's right for nuclear energy while providing security of the all countries in the region.

"This year the breakthrough on Iranian nuclear program has been made and this is only the first step," he said. "It's necessary to keep looking for a wider solution which guarantees Iran's right for peaceful nuclear energy and security of all countries in the region, including Israel."

He noted that the so-called "Iranian threat" was the main reason the United States offered for deployment of the anti-missile defense shield.

"Now Iranian problem has gone but the anti-missile defense stays in place and grows," he said.

Putin confirmed that Moscow is ready for joint work with all partners to provide comprehensive, equal and undivided security.

According to the president, the name "defense" does not match the real purpose of the anti-missile system. Rather, it is a part of offensive potential.

He warned that Moscow would never let anyone reach military superiority, saying "Russia will respond to all challenges, political and technological."

"Our military doctrine and prospective types of weapons allow us unconditionally to provide security of the country," he said.

Russia's presidency in Group of Eight (G8) will be focused on non-proliferation, countering terrorism and drug trafficking, he said.