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US surveillance program exposed

2013-06-13 14:36

By (chinadaily.com.cn)


US surveillance program exposed

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Several Internet companies have struck an agreement with the US government to release limited information about the number of surveillance requests they receive.

Facebook got 9,000-10,000 government data requests in second half 2012; Microsoft got more than 6,000 US data requests in second half 2012

US hacking China for years

Edward Snowden said the US government had been hacking into computers in Hong Kong and on the Chinese mainland for years. more

NSA Spy scheme exposed

An ex-CIA employee working as a contractor at the NSA revealed on Sunday it was he who leaked details of a top secret US surveillance program. more

US surveillance program exposed

Edward Snowden: the whistle-blower

US surveillance program exposedNSA leaker: I'm neither traitor nor hero

Speaking to Chinese media, he said that he was not hiding from justice but exposing criminality. He vowed to fight any attempt to extradite him and asked the court and people in Hong Kong to decide his fate. more

- Whistleblower talks about himself

- NSA leaker is free man in HK-for now

US surveillance program exposed 


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Surveillance program a test of Sino-US ties

The massive US global surveillance program revealed by a former CIA whistle-blower in Hong Kong is certain to stain Washington's overseas image and test developing Sino-US ties. more

Unjustified US intelligence

Whether Snowden should be praised or condemned, the ongoing public debate sparked by his leaks is worthwhile if it can help both the American people and the US government find a better balance between public safety and an individual's right to privacy. more