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Egypt's president names VP

Updated: 2012-08-13 06:47
( Xinhua)

Egypt's president names VP

Egypt's President Mohamed Mursi (R) observes as newly appointed Vice-President, Judge Mahmoud Mekki receives his orders at the presidential palace in Cairo, August 12, 2012. [Photo/Agencies]

CAIRO - Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi appointed Sunday Abdel Fatah el Seisy as defense minister and chief of the supreme council of the armed forces, presidential spokesman Yasser Ali announced.

El Seisy, 58, used to be the leader for the military north region. After that he was appointed as the chief of military intelligence.

El Seisy will replace Hussein Tantawi, who, along with former Chief of Staff of the armed forces Sami Enan, was ordered to retire Sunday.

Enan's post will be filled by Sediqi Sobhi. Both Tantawi and Enan were appointed as advisers to the president.

Former judge Mahmoud Mekki was appointed as vice president.

Meanwhile, Morsi also issued a new constitutional declaration and cancelled the supplementary declaration issued in mid-June by the army.

According to the new declaration, if the Constituent Assembly could not accomplish its work in 15 days, the president should form a new one which represents all the society spectra after consulting all the national movements to prepare a constitution draft.

The Constituent Assembly should draft the constitution within three months from the date of its establishment and the new constitution should be put up for a public referendum within 30 days of its drafting.

The president took those decisions to "complete the objectives of the revolution and develop the state institution," said the presidency spokesman, adding that Tantawi and Enan were awarded the "Order Of Nile" for their services to the nation.

Other changes also included Reda Mahmoud Hafez Abdel Maguid, commander for the air force staff, who was appointed as state minister for military production to replace the newly-appointed Ali Sabri.

Mohamed el-Assar was appointed an assistant to the defense minister. Mohab Mamish will be the acting board chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, and Abdel-Aziz Seif-eldin the board chairman of the Arab Organization for Industrialization.

When attending a religious ceremony Sunday night in al-Azhar Mosque, President Morsi said, "My decisions weren't to embarrass individuals or institutions. What I meant by the decisions is the interest of the nation and people."

"There are a lot of changes that face the people, and we have to pay careful attention for it," added Morsi.

He extended appreciation and thanks to the military men and the leaders of the armed forces. "I want the military forces to be devoted for their mission, which is to protect the country," he said.

"We carry a peace message, and we wouldn't allow any person to threaten the nation," he said, "I will never have rest until everything in the country is stable."

"There is no place for strikes in the state institution. The country needs all their efforts," he added, warning that those who want to cut the road will be punished.