The best of the festival meals at hotels in Beijing

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A Family Dinner at Chinese Qi Restaurant

The best of the festival meals at hotels in Beijing

Cybercrabs and essential e-food 

Sept 1 to 30, The Ritz-Carlton Beijing, 1 Jin Cheng Fang Street East, Xicheng District

The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is for lunar worship and moon watching; families get together and celebrate the end of the harvest season. The middle of autumn is a good time to eat healthily.

For an innovative, healthy dining experience, Chef Li's menu takes diners on a feast of flavors, textures and colors. Inspired by the philosophy of Taoism, the restaurant is named after the positive natural energy that flows intangibly around, reflecting physical health and spiritual harmony.

In September, enjoy the tonic dishes that Chef Li has prepared with meticulously selected chestnut, yam lotus roots, pumpkin and chanterelle mushrooms, which give chicken, beef and lamb a tender texture, and provide a wonderfully aromatic flavor. Signature dishes include Braised Chestnut with Pumpkin and Leek in a Clay Pot, and Sauteed Young Lotus Root with Lotus Seeds, Lily and Goji Berries.

Cost per person: RMB 400 (+15% service charge)

Reservations and inquiries: (010) 6601 6666


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