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Partnership in perspective  2011-01-21 08:10:13

Despite differences, leaders of China and the US base future relations on mutual respect and mutual benefits.

Thawing military relations  2011-01-19 07:59:18

The recent visit by US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to Beijing has been widely interpreted as marking the restart of Sino-US military ties.

Strengthening ties with Asian nations  2011-01-18 07:54:56

Last year saw good momentum in China's strengthening ties with other Asian countries, as indicated by the frequent high-level exchanges and the expansion of two-way economic and trade links.

When great powers meet  2011-01-18 07:54:56

When US President Barack Obama hosts President Hu Jintao at the White House on Jan 19, it will be the 12th full summit meeting between American and Chinese presidents since former US president Richard Nixon made his historic visit to Beijing in 1972.

Envoys of lifelong friendship  2011-01-14 08:02:04

China-EU Year of Youth is a golden opportunity for younger generations to abandon outdated ideas, bias and stereotypes.

China, UK must deepen relations  2011-01-11 07:59:07

China's Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming talks to China Daily's Zhang Chunyan about the importance of Li's ongoing visit to the United Kingdom and the development of China-UK relations.

Sino-US cooperation essential  2011-01-11 07:59:07

Beijing and Washington both are gearing up for President Hu Jintao's meeting with United States President Barack Obama later this month. The high-profile meeting will mark President Hu's first state visit to the US since April 2006 - and the first since the Obama administration took office.

Increasing high-tech trade  2011-01-08 07:41:47

The recent announcement by the US Federal Reserve that it will print more dollars raises fears of an impending currency war. Can the threat of a currency war be transformed into something more benign?

Fresh start to EU-China relations  2011-01-07 07:40:46

First, it demonstrates China's commitment to the European Union (EU), its largest trading partner.

Li's visit pushes China-EU ties toward new stage  2011-01-04 08:09:05

Vice-Premier Li Keqiang's official visit to Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, which is due to start on Tuesday, marks an important step toward developing closer ties with the European Union (EU) and strengthening pragmatic cooperation.

Embracing a brighter future  2011-01-04 08:09:05

China will explore with Spain positive and effective forms of cooperation and realize tremendous business opportunities.

Positive interaction aids 'global village'  2010-12-31 08:13:51

In a year full of profound political and economic changes, China's relationship with the outside world has grown more intense. "Positive interaction" is the phrase that best describes this relationship.

More exchanges for better Sino-EU ties  2010-12-31 08:13:51

A review of this year, the 35th year of relations between China and European Union, shows that both Brussels and Beijing attach great importance to the further development of bilateral exchanges.

Debate: 2010 and beyond  2010-12-27 07:58:04

This year has been eventful. What does this year mean for China's regional security and situation in Asia? Two research scholars with a think tank and a strategy expert present their views.

Wen's visit benefits South Asia  2010-12-23 07:55:26

Premier Wen Jiabao's visit to India and Pakistan from Dec 15 to Dec 19 has reaped satisfactory benefits for China's diplomatic relations with these bordering countries.

May Koreans live in peace  2010-12-21 08:05:13

Tension has been palpable on the Korean Peninsula since the DPRK and the ROK exchanged fire on Nov 23. The two sides have engaged in skirmishes before but none reached such a level and caused even half as much worry. So what is different this time?

China neutral on Korean issue  2010-12-07 08:07:15

It's true, neither side wants a war, but with little buffer space for leaders of the DPRK and the ROK, the danger of a military conflict is increasing.

US key to peace on Korean Peninsula  2010-12-03 07:58:58

Several countries have blamed China for the exchange of fire between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Republic of Korea last week.

Hamburg talks to boost ties  2010-11-27 08:03:46

EU should clear misconceptions about China's investment environment and upgrade bilateral economic relations

US should respect law of sea  2010-11-26 08:00:50

The possibility of military intervention by the United States and Japan in Taiwan Straits in case "Taiwan independence" forces take extreme action has long been China's top maritime concern. Disputes with neighboring countries over territorial claims and its interests in the East China Sea and the South China Sea, too, have been a major maritime concern for China.

Time on China's side in US ties  2010-11-24 07:56:54

Emerging strategic triangle  2010-11-17 08:01:31

Hegemony theory never fit for China  2010-11-17 08:01:31

Is US changing places with China?  2010-11-17 08:01:31

China not neocolonialist  2010-11-16 07:58:05

China wants mutual trust and benefit  2010-11-12 08:11:15

A boost to Sino-UK relations  2010-11-10 07:54:00

China's goal: Peace and development  2010-11-09 07:51:12

The G20's role irreplaceable  2010-11-08 08:08:07

Asian Games go beyond sports  2010-11-08 08:08:07


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