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Charity in search of elusive glasnost  2011-07-05 07:53:56

At the end of last year, American billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett invited some Chinese tycoons to dinner to promote philanthropy in China. But in recent months, a series of scandals involving charity organizations have undermined public confidence in philanthropy.

Debate: Chinese film  2011-07-04 07:49:04

Can Chinese movies take on the challenge of Hollywood productions at home, create a niche in overseas markets, triumph at international competitions and promote China's soft power?

How to stay far from the madding crowd  2011-06-30 08:12:04

The Internet can be a minefield in which our beliefs are misinformed by false consensus. That is, a phony type of social proof may develop based on overwhelming numbers of anonymous posters that appear to support or oppose a certain position.

Firms can learn a lot from CPC  2011-06-30 08:12:04

Three decades of unprecedented reform has created an economic miracle in China and made it the second largest economy in the world. But many Chinese enterprises, specially the medium- and small-sized ones, are still battling to improve corporate management.

How to fight natural disasters  2011-06-28 07:50:30

A recent Asian Development Bank study on drought management in China says the country has a stunningly agile disaster response system but not a corresponding system of risk reduction and management.

Switching on to more dynamic TV culture  2011-06-27 07:56:38

Currently, the world's TV formats are dominated by those that reflect the zeitgeists of Britain, Holland and the United States, almost none have come from the developing world and only a tiny number have originated in Asia, and those few from Japan.

Debate: Safe milk  2011-06-27 07:56:38

Can the safety standards set for the dairy industry ensure supply of quality products? Three experts lock horns on this important issue.

China's weibo fever needs to be checked  2011-06-25 07:21:27

Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards, and this also applies to cyberspace. Without an effective authentication mechanism, such as a real-name registration system, weibo will lose its power to promote change.

History proves CPC's wisdom  2011-06-25 07:21:27

s a move that decided the fate of China, reform and opening-up was a critical and historic choice made by the Communist Party of China (CPC) that followed the current of the times and the will of the Chinese people.

New challenges ahead for Party  2011-06-25 07:21:27

The Communist Party of China (CPC) today, with its membership over 80 million, is the world's largest political party. It is probably also the longest ruling party in the world.

Different kind of exceptionalism  2011-06-24 07:52:46

What does China think now it is rising? What does China's rise mean to the outside world? Is it possible for China to rise peacefully? All these questions are tough to answer.

Right to be nominated  2011-06-23 07:55:29

The new round of local people's congress elections at the county and township level is approaching and has attracted widespread public interest. There's a heated discussion in the media and among netizens about the so-called independent candidates.

Learning to cope with distraction  2011-06-23 07:55:29

Today the Internet is entering every part of our lives; no one seems able to crawl out of the information ocean. So maybe it is time we started thinking more about adapting to our cyber world?

Debate: High-speed trains  2011-06-20 08:04:00

Is the plan to extend high-speed railways to the western region a wise move? One scholar says it is, but another differs totally.

Setting some records straight  2011-06-18 07:34:19

China may have overtaken Japan as the world's second largest economy earlier this year, but its efforts to create a compelling business environment for Chinese multinationals in developed economies lags far behind that of its eastern neighbor.

CPC at 90: Innovation still key to success  2011-06-16 07:54:04

Nothing seems more critical for the peaceful development of China than the smooth evolution of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and smooth transition of its leadership. China's history of the last 90 years confirms this.

Tree growth has potential  2011-06-13 08:54:02

To promote a green economy, China should lay down a long-term comprehensive forest development strategy in which "green development" and "green innovation" should be regarded as an important part of the country's forest economy.

Reform must be incremental  2011-06-11 07:49:01

Many people in the West are likely to say that China has risen as a new economic power but its political development lags far behind and democracy seems to be non-existent. This is a misunderstanding.

Protecting heritage a challenge  2011-06-10 07:59:32

China's Law on Intangible Cultural Heritage, the first of its kind and implemented on June 1, has been hailed by experts as a milestone in the country's efforts to preserve its historical, literary, artistic and scientific traditions.

Services for social cohesion  2011-06-09 07:42:36

Without doubt social management is an indispensable part of China's future development. But the task of social management is very difficult because China is in an era of both strategic opportunities and social transformations.

Understanding the CPC's role  2011-06-09 07:42:36

Debate: Hydropower  2011-06-07 08:00:52

Cross-Straits ties progress  2011-06-03 08:01:25

The evil of sexual harassment  2011-06-02 08:01:19

Future in the hands of the consumer  2011-06-01 08:15:11

Powering-up new energy mix  2011-06-01 08:15:11

Debate: Parental expectations  2011-05-30 07:53:52

Rare earth protection plan  2011-05-28 07:58:27

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