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Debate: Stray dogs  2010-12-20 08:02:59

The Shanghai draft regulation on keeping dogs has triggered a heated public debate.

Solid foundation for volunteering  2010-12-17 07:59:05

Being the host country of the world's sporting showpieces, as well as the World Expo, volunteering in China has flourished.

Debate: More AIDS tests  2010-12-06 07:16:30

Should more people have AIDS tests in China to prevent and control the disease? A health expert and a charity head differ in their opinions.

Hitting green targets  2010-12-01 08:08:25

Urbanization and poverty relief will pose tough challenges to China in its ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Spotlight on rights in response to AIDS  2010-12-01 08:08:25

As China's HIV response has matured, it has become clear that increased attention to protecting the rights of people living with, or at risk of HIV, will be critical for success.

Right mentality for society  2010-11-25 08:00:00

It has been said, at home as well as abroad, that Chinese people's conduct lacks the necessary elegance and politeness to accompany the country's growing status and material affluence, and Chinese people need to guard against an "unhealthy prosperity complex".

Care for parents who lose only child  2010-11-24 07:56:54

The family planning policy should not only focus on population control, it should also provide support and services for parents who abide by the policy but lose their only child.

Debate: Heating system  2010-11-22 07:49:21

Does South China need a central heating system? "No", says one expert, because it would be an unnecessary drain on precious energy, while another says it is important to restructure the entire system to save energy.

Water demands true respect  2010-11-18 07:51:26

Water is one of the most dynamic forces of nature. But, at times, why does this savior of humankind become the destroyer? This question has been haunting civilizations for centuries. It is of special importance to China because 70 percent of its cities are situated and about 700 million of its 1.3 billion people live in disaster-prone areas, many of which face the wrath of excess water or the lack of it.

Cultural dimension of growth  2010-11-16 07:58:05

At the recent United Nations Summit on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), countries reiterated their commitment to achieve the eight ambitious development goals by 2015.

Who says suicide rate is rising?  2010-11-11 08:24:06

Ever since Canadian psychiatrist Michael R. Phillips, who works in China, released his report saying China's suicide rate from 1995 to 1999 reached 0.023 percent, the country has been ranked among those with the highest suicide rates in the world. This and some sensational suicide cases, such as the "Foxconn incidents", have made people assume that suicides have become a serious social issue and are getting worse in China.

China's human rights emphasis  2010-11-11 08:24:06

China never avoids the universal nature of human rights, but human rights are a goal that can only be achieved step by step, taking into consideration a country's changing conditions.

Painting true portrait of a country  2010-11-10 07:54:00

Six million census takers have fanned out across China to conduct the country's sixth national census, the world's largest.

Solid basis for innovation  2010-11-10 07:54:00

China needs to improve its investment mechanism in science and technology and promote more research and development.

NGOs a bridge between govt and needy  2010-11-05 07:38:32

According to the recently released Second National Sampling Survey on Disability, there are 83 million physically challenged people in China, 75 percent of who live in rural areas.

Award goes against peace  2010-11-05 07:38:32

Nobel Committee's decision violates the principles of Peace Prize and is merely a tool for the West to attack China

Problems of teenage pregnancies  2010-11-04 07:57:42

Parallel to its economic revolution, China is undergoing changes in sexual concepts, particularly among the youth.

Keeping close to the people  2010-11-03 07:56:17

Next year, we will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Change Expo to better showcase China  2010-10-29 07:57:44

In the 1970s, Japan broke the stereotype that Asian countries could only produce goods inferior in quality to those made in Europe. By the time China's economy began developing at a fast pace in the 1980s, the world had accepted that Japanese goods were as good as, if not better than, those made in Europe and North America.

Political orientation crucial  2010-10-28 08:07:32

Actively, steadily and prudently push forward reforms in the correct political direction for stability and prosperity.

Debate: Beijing's population  2010-10-25 07:53:21

Enforcing law can ease traffic woes  2010-10-22 07:52:49

Good and bad things about the rich  2010-10-21 07:51:29

Promoting human rights  2010-10-21 07:51:29

Progress on human rights  2010-10-18 08:04:39

Debate: Retirement age  2010-10-18 08:04:39

Tobacco control target needed  2010-10-14 07:57:58

The problem of domestic violence  2010-10-14 07:57:58

Real world challenges of cyberspace  2010-10-13 08:03:55

Writers need more social conscience  2010-10-09 07:23:33


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