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How to ensure security on campus  2010-05-05 08:12:24

In just over a month, five men have attacked schoolchildren in five different provinces, killing eight and injuring at least 55 of them.

Let Yushu Tibetans rebuild organically  2010-05-05 08:12:24

Such smooth cooperation augurs well for the more difficult task of rebuilding. Local Tibetans need help to rebuild but its extent should be measured and considered in the light of community relations and ethnic cultural sensibilities.

Debate: Mentally ill patients  2010-05-04 07:58:30

A series of tragedies involving suspects who allegedly suffer from mental disorders took place over the past few weeks. How should China define "mentally ill patients" and protect the patients' rights and safety of others? Three experts give their suggestions.

Everyone, it's OK to rent  2010-05-04 07:58:30

Nation must shed traditional thinking that affordable housing can't be rented and establish a commercialized leasing system

Why the nouveau riche in China stink  2010-04-30 07:52:39

China's rapid economic growth, coupled with Deng Xiaoping's declaration, "To get rich is glorious", has spawned many millionaires and even billionaires. These people have now gained wide acceptance and are not afraid to flaunt their wealth.

Building up govt capacity at the grassroots  2010-04-30 07:52:39

Since the development of China's rural areas is unique, there is no system elsewhere to look to.

Transparent budget, happy people  2010-04-29 07:55:20

The once unknown township has hogged the media limelight ever since it posted its budget online, prompting us to pay more attention to budget transparency, a goal advocated by the central government and academics.

Death to the death sentence  2010-04-28 07:49:34

The overuse of capital punishment to satisfy the public hides the measure's failure to deter nonviolent crimes

Give NGOs a chance to rebuild Qinghai  2010-04-28 07:49:34

NGOs that put in strong efforts should not be seen as competitors to governments. Rather, they should be considered strong allies. And if governments do so, they and the public could benefit hugely from NGOs' work.

Amend law to prevent forced demolitions  2010-04-27 07:59:39

A market has two sides. On the one hand, it promotes innovation, hardwork and the desire to fulfill the needs of the public on a profit basis.

Don't forget 'the forgotten phase' in Yushu  2010-04-26 08:03:05

Yet, as difficult as it is, planners in China are having to do just that as they seek to answer the question: "What must be done to get the earthquake zone back to normal?"

Psychologist ministers to students  2010-04-22 07:46:45

Xu is one of the only 33 psychological trauma therapist in China and he is concerned about the psychological crisis that is besetting many of China's universities.

High level of rescue goes beyond altitude  2010-04-22 07:46:45

Watching from afar, I am struck by the high level of the rescue work at Yushu, the Tibetan autonomous prefecture in Qinghai province, western China, which was devastated by a 7.1 magnitude quake on April 14.

China's quiet education revolution  2010-04-21 07:54:09

Viewed in this context, China's Medium and Long-Term Education Reform and Development Plan Outline is a timely response to the challenges of creating a knowledge-based society. The outline was released to the public in February after intensive consultations.

Should NBA, WTO and KFC be banned?  2010-04-21 07:54:09

If many other countries can use these useful acronyms in their own language broadcasts, why can't China?

Blazing new technology trails  2010-04-20 07:52:10

Promoting self-innovation is key for sustainable development.

Raising the bar to punish corruption  2010-04-19 08:04:53

Last week, courts in Beijing and Chongqing municipality convicted two Chinese officials.

Debate: High-speed rail  2010-04-19 08:04:53

With its extensive size and large population, the country is set to expand its railway network. Two experts give their views on the future of its high-speed rail.

Transformation leads to opportunities  2010-04-15 08:20:38

In the last three decades China has undergone a remarkable transformation. The highly planned and centralized country of the 1970s has given way to a dynamic market economy that has caught the attention of the world.

Too many coal mine accidents  2010-04-15 08:20:38

Coal mine accidents are far too common in China, according to Da Sulin, a professor of management and politics at Nanjing University, who thinks poor management is partially to blame.

The state of Cross-Straits relations  2010-04-14 08:21:33

Disarmament and cutting emissions  2010-04-13 08:17:18

True education reform still elusive  2010-04-09 07:53:28

A bridge built for two systems  2010-04-09 07:53:28

Nation bets it all on green  2010-04-09 07:53:28

Be a sport and let sport be itself  2010-04-08 07:50:42

GM foods need a sieve  2010-04-07 07:58:14

Are our best professionals fried?  2010-04-06 07:55:56

Seek truths from numbers  2010-04-01 07:48:47

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