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Happiness will create harmony  2010-10-09 07:23:33

Chinese people need not only affluence, but also a real feeling of security and a greater sense of equality to be truly happy.

On own road to green revolution  2010-10-08 07:52:33

Smog blurred the skyline Wednesday morning as I opened the curtain of my hotel room in Tianjin. The day was hot and stifling; the heat and CO2 seemed to be trapped beneath a blanket of smog.

Scenic spot charges 'incomprehensible'  2010-10-01 08:09:33

As the National Day holiday approaches and so too does a predicted peak in tourism, management authorities at many scenic spots are preparing to raise entrance prices.

New schools rising from quake ruins  2010-09-30 07:49:25

Four months after the devastating earthquake destroyed a large area of Sichuan province, my colleagues at China Daily and I made a commitment to support at least one rural student apiece.

The heart should rule tourism  2010-09-30 07:49:25

China's tourism market has been booming over the past few years. Scenic spots across the country are overcrowded during holidays. Other tourist spots, even in some remote areas, are no exceptions. Behind the hustle and bustle of the country's tourism industry are six "tour elements": food, hotel, traffic, sight-seeing, shopping and entertainment.

Taxi cams, privacy and obligations  2010-09-29 07:50:27

The decision of the government of Wuhu, Anhui province, to install video cameras inside the city's taxis to prevent possible crimes against the driver has triggered a wave of debates in the Chinese media.

TV serials are for fun, books for knowledge  2010-09-22 08:11:11

A popular discussion in the media and on the Internet nowadays is whether a new TV serial based on A Dream of Red Mansions reflects the spirit of the classic novel more than the old version made in 1987.

Gifts and the politics that go into them  2010-09-21 08:18:59

My doorbell rang continuously for one minute. I was busy with something so it took a few seconds for me to run and pick up the videophone. A man's voice on the other end said: "Are you Miss Lisa? I have a parcel for you."

Debate: Brain drain  2010-09-20 08:02:37

The large-scale emigration of Chinese people with technical skills or knowledge has been costing China dearly. Two experts discuss what is being done and what more should be done to curb this process.

Attracting talent globally for the future  2010-09-14 08:02:41

China recently released a very ambitious national talent development plan. The National Medium- and Long-term Talent Development Plan (2010-2020) sets a blueprint for creating a highly skilled national workforce within the next 10 years.

Debate: Death penalty  2010-09-13 08:17:19

Should capital punishment be abolished for 13 economics-related non-violent crimes as proposed by an amendment to the Criminal Law? A legal practitioner says 'yes', while a lawyer says 'no'.

Securing the future of workers  2010-09-09 08:02:43

The news of China's old-age pension funds having a "1.3-trillion-yuan ($191.31 billion) empty account" has caused widespread public anxiety.

Migrants key to development  2010-09-09 08:02:43

At present, China's economy is enjoying high growth thanks to the process of industrialization and urbanization. But, the problems of farmers-turned-workers are closely related to both the city and the countryside and are a fulcrum to balance urban and rural development.

Census problems for China and India  2010-09-07 07:58:16

China and India have begun counting their people. The exercise involves enormous use of manpower, financial resources and administrative planning. Several niggling problems in compiling demographic data pose challenges for the two countries.

UNESCO tag a double-edged sword  2010-09-06 07:59:37

Are UNESCO World Heritage sites in China serving their purpose? Perhaps they are,says a scholar.No, says another.

Musical road to tradition  2010-09-04 07:36:25

China should hold UK-style promenade concerts to celebrate culture, raise happiness levels and bind the social fabric.

Challenges facing Chinese publishers  2010-09-04 07:36:25

Thanks to Bi Sheng (970-1051), the inventor of movable type printing technology during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), books replaced expensive silk scrolls, monopolized by the rich, and became an affordable source of knowledge for the common people.

To pry or not to pry, that is the question  2010-09-03 07:49:52

Even if parents can no longer pry into their children's personal communications in Chongqing, maintaining effective communication with ones' children and nurturing their trust, can ensure that they do not stray from the best parental and societal values.

Honor cultural needs of migrants  2010-08-31 07:51:13

Since the start of the economic reform and opening up three decades ago, about 200 million farmers have left their rural homes and travelled across the country in search of work.

On the roll for a movie boom  2010-08-26 08:52:46

On its fastest growth track in decades, the domestic film industry needs to take a step up to compete internationally

Limitations of laws of the sea  2010-08-24 09:49:17

Toward culture of quality  2010-08-21 07:07:05

The rich and the spirit of charity  2010-08-20 06:10:25

Potholes on the road to bilingualism  2010-08-19 09:04:37

Honesty is still the best policy  2010-08-19 09:04:37

Fair share of social resources  2010-08-18 07:45:14

Debate: Urbanization  2010-08-16 08:01:37

Special group, equal treatment  2010-08-12 07:52:59


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