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A different take on healthcare  2010-07-08 08:03:02

China was fourth from the bottom on the 2006 list of World Health Organization member countries in terms of granting its citizens equal access to and financing healthcare. This is a telling statement on a country that is on way to becoming the world's second largest economy.

Rising power of migrants  2010-07-07 07:54:12

New generation seeks more respect, better living standards and desires to carve unique identity for itself in city life.

Debate: Seeking a partner  2010-07-05 08:00:46

A seek-a-partner program has drawn widespread flak, with many people saying it is nothing but a farce aimed at making money and belittling the image of women. Can such programs intensify money-worship in society?

Quality psychiatric care is needed  2010-07-05 08:00:46

However, it is an open secret that the medical profession in China is in disarray and rather ill-equipped to contribute to the solution of China's larger societal problems.

Political reform and Mao today  2010-07-01 07:52:44

China's economic prosperity has indeed brought about a lot of changes. But it has also created social problems of inequality and widening income gap, prompting more and more people to yearn for the "good old days" of Chairman Mao.

Cementing cross-Straits ties  2010-07-01 07:52:44

Beijing and Taipei signed the much-awaited Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) in Chongqing Tuesday, a move that reflected the common aspirations of compatriots on both sides and hailed by many as a landmark development in cross-Straits relations.

The politics of a non-political agreement  2010-06-30 07:53:29

The signing of the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) with the Chinese mainland has led to two debates in Taiwan - whether or not the enhanced economic integration with the mainland will hurt Taiwan's interest, and whether or not it will facilitate subsequent political integration.

Road to Brazil 2014 begins at home  2010-06-25 07:50:32

If China can make more of its citizens sportsmen and sports spectators, I forecast that the Chinese football team will be a strong contender by the next World Cup in Brazil. The strength of the team, however, will not blossom from money and the narrow desire to win, but from a fan base that genuinely respects the game.

Why officials are superstitious  2010-06-24 07:39:46

Officials of Suqian county in Jiangsu province recently renamed Luoma Lake in guide posts because the word luoma sounds similar to "turn down" in Chinese. Public pressure, however, forced them to revert to the original name.

Tomb raiders and destruction of history  2010-06-23 07:56:58

As a foreign scholar of Chinese archeology, when asked if ancient tombs like that of the historical figure, should be opened or not, the first answer has to be that it is a question that only the Chinese can answer.

Labor unrest and role of unions  2010-06-18 07:57:04

The All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) has realized that the Honda strike is a different form of labor protest, not least because it goes to the heart of a problem - what is the union's legitimate role. Its impact is potentially enormous.

Save the Great Wall from philistines  2010-06-17 07:55:14

The Chinese built the Great Wall, overcoming unimaginable challenges, to keep the "barbarians" out. It seems that protecting it from modern-day "barbarians" would not be that difficult!

Addressing social conflicts  2010-06-11 07:55:48

Foxconn and Honda's recent decisions to raise the wages of employees at their plants in Shenzhen and Foshan, respectively, have drawn wide attention and coverage from foreign media.

Counter-strategy for low-carbon era  2010-06-07 07:58:44

What kind of impact will the coming low-carbon era have on future global economic patterns is a question worth considering.

Striving hard for food safety  2010-06-03 07:49:06

China and Japan recently agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation on food safety after the dumplings poisoning incident that strained Sino-Japanese ties during the early days of 2008 buttressed the case for an accord to handle disputes related to food safety between the Asian neighbors.

Gray areas of income revealed  2010-06-03 07:49:06

Most people in China are familiar with the term "gray income" but have seldom tried to find what it really means. Wang Xiaolu, deputy director of the National Economic Research Institute, affiliated to China Reform Foundation, is one of the welcome exceptions. In fact, he has been studying the impact of gray income on China's economy, as well as society for some time now.

Are we barking up the wrong tree?  2010-06-02 07:48:52

We only have to look at the various explanations for school shootings by American kids in Kentucky, Arkansas, and Colorado in the late 1990s to understand that explaining these events by blaming society is largely pointless.

Fives steps to a better society  2010-06-01 07:48:21

China's economy is growing, but so is its income divide. The Gini coefficient has increased alarmingly. The coefficient measures income inequality in a society, with 0 signifying perfectly equal distribution of wealth among households and 1 denoting that a single household controls all the wealth.

Case for preserving the old in China  2010-05-28 07:58:35

The need to be judicious in demolishing old buildings in the process of reconstructing cities has been an important and recurring issue in China in recent years.

Understand stark realities  2010-05-28 07:58:35

Playing host to the Expo and the Olympics alone does not guarantee China a developed nation status

Kungfu needs ideas to fly into future  2010-05-27 07:49:49

Expand that patch of green field  2010-05-27 07:49:49

China still needs time to develop  2010-05-25 07:55:57

Middle class needs reform to develop  2010-05-20 07:45:13

Debate: Attacks on students  2010-05-19 07:53:41

Society losing its moral compass  2010-05-17 08:00:18

Taiwan must march westward to prosper  2010-05-12 07:54:20

Debate: Shanghai Expo  2010-05-10 07:53:55

What can we learn from Obama's plan?  2010-05-10 07:53:55


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