'Ant tribe' growing: Survey

2010-06-25 07:49:20

Beijing - Dressed in a crisp suit, Li Zhirui, sitting on the window seat of a Beijing bus, silently gazes at the European-style villas, luxury cars and illuminated shopping malls as they pass him by.

Young migrant workers have 'high expectations'

2010-06-23 07:55:42

Beijing - China's young generation of migrant workers expect higher incomes and more rights as they struggle to gain a foothold in urban society, the nation's top trade union body said in a report on Monday.

World Bank says China's economy slowing

2010-06-18 13:34:28

China's economy is showing signs of softening after its strong stimulus-fueled rebound last year, the World Bank says in its latest quarterly update.

Islamic world confidence in Obama is slipping

2010-06-18 10:31:36

A year after President Barack Obama sought a new beginning with the Islamic world in a speech from Cairo, confidence in the US leader has dropped sharply in many Muslim countries, according to surveys released on Thursday.

Second round financial crisis possible despite recovery

2010-06-10 14:20:56

The global economic recovery continues to advance, but Europe's debt crisis has created new hurdles on the road to sustainable medium term growth.

Crisis fuels unrest, crime, but war risk eases

2010-06-09 09:05:20

The global financial crisis has made the world less peaceful by fuelling crime and civil unrest, a worldwide study showed on Tuesday, but the risk of outright armed conflict appears to be falling.

China tops Japan in US poll on key ties

2010-06-02 11:40:35

China overtook Japan as the most important partner for the United States in Asia for the first time since 1985.

World economic recovery weak, uneven: UN report

2010-05-28 09:25:46

Recovery from the world financial and economic crisis is weak and uneven, according to a United Nations report released here on Wednesday.

Politics redraws Southeast Asia's investment map

2010-05-25 09:03:27

The investment landscape of Southeast Asia is being transformed. And one key factor above all is driving the tectonic shifts in market perceptions -- politics.

Most Americans say country has negative image: poll

2010-05-21 11:16:23

Two-thirds of Americans think their country is viewed negatively elsewhere in the world and almost half believe the global power and influence of the United States is decreasing, a poll showed on Wednesday.

China yuan reform must defeat speculators: report

2010-05-19 15:29:41

China's yuan reform must aim to counter expectations of appreciation and fend off speculators, a government insititute said in a report published on Wednesday.

2.2 million young Chinese die from indoor pollution: report

2010-05-17 17:24:18

More than two million Chinese youths die each year from health problems related to indoor air pollution, with nearly half of them under five years of age, state media cited a government study as saying

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