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The ills of blind pursuit of pleasure  2011-04-15 07:33:28

The Beijing municipal administration for industry and commerce recently asked advertisers to avoid ads that are in "poor taste", refer to "imperial-aristocratic elitism" and promote "hedonism and worship of things foreign".

Cities have to lead the green movement  2011-04-13 07:55:24

With the recent publication of the country's 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), China's shift toward a more energy efficient, lower-carbon economy looks set to accelerate, driven largely by action at the city and provincial level.

Debate: Cemeteries  2011-04-06 08:03:14

China's huge population also means a higher number of deaths. But the country does not have enough land to bury all the dead. How can we solve the problem? Three scholars come up with three different solutions.

Preschools need more help  2011-03-31 07:53:48

The demand for preschool education is rising along with the increasing population of children. To meet the demand, education authorities have to plan and distribute resources in advance on the basis of population surveys.

Green light for hard targets  2011-03-28 08:01:12

Five-year plans (FYPs), which set down and clarify national strategy, are one of China's most important policy tools. They will play a pivotal role in putting the country on a green development path.

Come and see the real Tibet  2011-03-28 08:01:12

But the Dalai Lama and his political group, the chief representatives of old Tibet's serf-owning class, have never ceased their attempts to split the motherland and undermine the region's progress and ethnic unity. They have been trying, unsuccessfully, to restore feudalism in Tibet.

Chronicle of a region needs to be retold  2011-03-28 08:01:12

The story is not new. When you meet Westerners who have never visited Asia or are unfamiliar with China and ask them about Tibet, many say it is a place of horrors where the Chinese government ruthlessly cracks down on Tibetans.

Same retirement age for all  2011-03-24 07:58:05

The times and role of women, however, have changed drastically in the past three decades, and so too must the regulations, says Liu Minghui, a professor of law at China Women's University.

A giant step toward solutions  2011-03-22 07:56:19

I suspect history will judge the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) as a watershed event in the development of modern China. If so, this will be the third time that a plan has triggered a significant shift in the nation's economic strategy.

Energy policy to fuel economic objectives  2011-03-21 08:02:46

Although the 12th Five-Year Plan technically concludes in 2015, it is more apt to view the plan as the opening salvo to a pivotal decade intended to shepherd China toward a sustainable, innovative, and integrated continental economy. Indeed, the new plan is a sober recognition that pursuit of China's current export and investment-led growth model is facing diminishing returns.

Disasters, science and lunacy  2011-03-18 07:52:45

The spreading of rumors across the world is a throwback from the Dark Ages, pre-science, and has no place in 2011, especially in modern media such as the Internet.

People first, not GDP  2011-03-18 07:52:45

New, scientific and sustainable development plan will raise living standards and ensure balanced growth.

Save energy for better future  2011-03-17 08:01:01

People have to realize that the little inconvenience they suffer today to protect the environment will bear sweeter fruits in the long run - for them and the generations to come.

Time to spring into action  2011-03-14 07:54:13

Only consistent reforms will provide a strong driving force for economic transition and achieving a xiaokang society.

The good times, they are coming  2011-03-12 07:25:15

A catch phrase of the annual sessions of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee is "people's livelihood".

Making people happy  2011-03-02 07:43:47

China faces many challenges in economic development, such as transforming the nature of economic growth and ensuring its sustainability, tackling unequal income distribution and ensuring the balanced development of economy and society.

On road to a balanced society  2011-02-21 07:35:39

China has seen rapid economic development and political stability over the past three decades, but with them have come a variety of social contradictions.

A different view on income disparity  2011-02-18 08:17:04

Chinese people are becoming richer, and the wealth gap in China is, as expected, growing.

Debate: Chinese mothers  2011-02-09 08:11:30

The high-profile debate over Chinese mothers continues. A China Daily senior editor says Chinese education needs to incorporate broader values but an education researcher praises China's educational achievements.

Time to pay the water debt  2011-02-01 07:56:46

Local governments need to start focusing on funding water conservancy projects to make up for neglect of past decades.

Will festival travel get better?  2011-02-01 07:56:46

Debate: Year of the Rabbit  2011-01-31 07:53:39

Smart ways to become green  2011-01-26 08:03:36

Cook your way to the Chinese mind  2011-01-21 08:10:13

Debate: Aging population  2011-01-10 08:04:36

Debate: Marriage Law  2011-01-04 08:09:05

Net a friend, not an enemy  2011-01-01 07:49:17

Managers need new style for the youth  2010-12-29 08:00:27

English adopts more Chinese phrases  2010-12-29 08:00:27

Time to fix traffic in Beijing  2010-12-21 08:05:13


Is there too much craze over iPad2?

Since iPad2 went on sale in China on May 6, hundreds of iPad fans and scalpers queued up overnight at almost every Apple store. The craze even led to a violent incident in Sanlitun, Beijing. Do you think iPad2 is worth the hassle?


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