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Expect the best, prepare for the worst  2010-08-11 07:53:41

Chinese netizens have coined a sarcastic term, "naked officials", for officials whose spouses and/or children live abroad. It's not known whether "naked officials" are unique to China, but this phenomenon isn't new in the country.

Share emissions reduction burden  2010-08-11 07:53:41

In recognition of fundamental changes to the way governments approach energy-related environmental issues, the International Energy Agency (IEA) produces each year a report on CO2 emissions from fuel combustion.

Debate: Disasters  2010-08-09 07:55:28

A series of pollution-related incidents has set alarm bells ringing, since enterprises are largely responsible for them. Two scholars tell us how such incidents can be prevented.

An outsider's impression of Tibet  2010-08-06 08:02:32

This is not only an impressive testament to the improvement of human rights in Tibet during the past 50 years, but also provides the old folks the opportunity to tell their grandchildren what life was like in the past.

Social equity for youth  2010-08-06 08:02:32

Problems facing both migrant workers and the urban wealthy call for sincere efforts in building fair social security systems

Urbanization not all that good  2010-08-05 07:48:11

A pro-active urbanization strategy has become popular both in academic and policymaking domains, because theoretically, it reduces farmers' population and prompts them to produce on larger scales and earn more.

Let's accept facts and guide the youth  2010-08-04 09:27:06

Recent years have seen an increase in sexual activities, unwanted pregnancies and abortions among the youth. These developments present China's policymakers, parents and educators with a novel set of issues which call for fresh thinking.

A roadmap for development  2010-08-04 09:14:40

Strict regulations on ecological conservation and the optimal usage of resources is key to developing China's western region.

Luxury goods can't buy happiness  2010-07-30 07:54:28

Finally and most importantly, the scramble for luxury products doesn't seem to have made Chinese any happier. Indeed, in the most recent University of Michigan World Values Survey, China ranked 46th in the world with respect to the happiness of its citizens.

Taking disaster prevention seriously  2010-07-29 07:50:04

A string of natural disasters has ravaged the mainland, from the serious southwestern drought early this year to the Yushu earthquake in April and widespread floods at present. These have tested the will of the Chinese.

Reduced carbon emissions, more growth  2010-07-28 08:00:40

One of the toughest challenges facing world development is how to promote economic growth and reduce emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere, and confronting climate change.

The silver lining of wage increase  2010-07-27 07:56:33

Notwithstanding all the hype over rising wages in China, it is entirely premature to declare an end to the global labor cost arbitrage that has long worked in China's favor.

Reforming public services  2010-07-27 07:56:33

The reform of public service institutions in China should be based on the nation's overall tendency toward a second transformation and reform aimed mainly at promoting equality and sustainable development in the coming five to 10 years.

Protecting society's most vulnerable  2010-07-26 08:27:17

How can we make sure that poor, sick, and marginalized people don't get left behind in the process of economic development? What needs to be done to protect these vulnerable groups in times of crisis?

Transparency in Party affairs  2010-07-23 08:05:47

The CPC undertook a series of high-profile moves on the eve of the 89th anniversary of its founding, which indicated its endeavor to forge a contemporary image based on openness and transparency in Party affairs.

How charity can begin at home  2010-07-22 07:53:44

It's a meaningful change from being manager to participator in China's charity cause, says Wang. The new role will help "me to do more practical things, especially at a time when the country is facing so many social contradictions".

Make law work for foreign workers  2010-07-21 07:53:10

The plot indirectly reflects Westerners' concern over their economic downturn, as well as China's rise. The film, which though totally overturns the traditional migration pattern in modern history, more or less mirrors a new economic development trend.

Cheaper green energy, better future  2010-07-20 07:51:04

Man-made climate change is real, and we ignore it at our peril. But if that issue is settled (and it should be), there is an equally big and important question that remains wide open: What should we do about it?

Debate: Income disparity  2010-07-19 07:56:23

Is China a "rich country with many impoverished people"? An economist says "no" but suggests ways to better use government revenue, while a political scientist says the country could become one in the absence of a sound public finance system.

From Expo to Chinese philosophy  2010-07-17 06:36:17

I just spent two days at the Shanghai 2010 Expo, enjoying not only cool weather, but also the intense debate on the world in the midst of crisis and the G20 Summit in Toronto.

Not yet voice of the people  2010-07-15 07:41:42

The importance of quality education  2010-07-15 07:41:42

Reform for the benefit of workers  2010-07-14 07:55:57

Modernizing navy for self-defense  2010-07-13 07:59:45

Debate: Brain drain  2010-07-12 07:53:17

Party opens democracy window  2010-07-09 07:51:45

Low-wage era not over yet  2010-07-08 08:03:02


Is there too much craze over iPad2?

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