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Principles for principal powers  2011-05-07 07:46:23

China, US must cooperate to develop clean energy and green resources to show their commitment to resolving global issues

Crucial stage for strategic aims  2011-05-05 07:54:45

Sino-US strategies should emphasize mutual assistance in Asia Pacific to ensure regional peace and prosperity

Gillard's first Asian tour  2011-04-27 07:59:03

Australia and China should strengthen and broaden cooperation to ensure regional stability and prosperity

Ideological bias clouds Western views  2011-04-14 08:02:15

Ideological confrontation is the default mode for some Westerners and Western media when it comes to issues of human rights. The detention of artist Ai Weiwei is no exception.

BRICS builds global balance  2011-04-12 08:00:41

The third summit meeting of BRICS countries is due to be held at China's resort city of Sanya later this week.

Neighbors can be good friends, too  2011-04-02 07:51:02

China and Japan, whose historical ties have gone through ups and downs, have come closer in the face of the devastating earthquake and tsunami on March 11 and the radiation leaks from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Distorting truth with biased perspective  2011-03-24 07:58:05

Providing accurate and reliable information of any event or incident is the very basic requirement for individual journalists and news organizations. And Western media organizations have long claimed that this is what they provide.

TB, or no TB, still the question  2011-03-24 07:58:05

Sino-US cooperative projects set a good example for the fight against more dangerous modern forms of the disease.

Contributing to global health  2011-03-17 08:01:01

As China becomes one of the largest economies in the world, it is facing a crescendo of calls to significantly increase its contribution to global health aid.

Defense policy is peaceful  2011-03-08 08:02:54

Whenever China increases its defense budget, some foreign observers use their imagination to misrepresent its national defense policy and strategic intentions, confusing international public opinion.

Adding Asian color to public diplomacy  2011-03-08 08:02:54

On March 7, Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi delivered a speech at the annual session of National People's Congress, highlighting the achievements of China's diplomacy. However, China's public diplomacy, which was not mentioned by Yang, deserves applause, too.

Real benefits for Africa  2011-03-01 07:46:21

Despite the accusations of the West, Chinese companies offer practical concrete assistance and true friendship

A great opportunity for China and EU  2011-02-23 07:46:54

This year is the European Union-China Year of Youth. Aimed at strengthening and expanding people-to-people contacts, intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and cooperation

Debate: China's role  2011-02-21 07:35:39

China is now officially the world's second largest economy. So should it play a greater role in world affairs? Or should it concentrate on solving its domestic problems first? A professor and a journalist express their views.

China should be judged properly  2011-02-21 07:35:39

Germany hopes for G20 deal despite Chinese opposition. China resisting G20 deal on indicators. China blocking G20 agreement on indicators. These are some of the headlines that flashed across the Western media during the weekend.

China's real responsibilities  2011-02-18 08:17:04

Now China's GDP has surpassed that of Japan to become the world's second largest, some Western media have begun to claim that China is no longer a developing country, and therefore should shoulder more international responsibilities.

For strategic China-US ties  2011-02-16 07:55:45

China-US military ties have become a "security dilemma". Because of China's rapid development and accelerated military modernization the US feels China will sooner or later pose a challenge to the US' hegemony in Asia Pacific and the world beyond.

Common regional interests  2011-02-10 07:48:15

China and the US can only gain from working together to build a stable, peaceful and prosperous Asia-Pacific.

Harmonious relationship  2011-01-31 07:53:39

The past 40 years have witnessed the historical progress of Sino-US relations from estrangement and opposition to cooperation and friendship. China and the US both gain from peaceful coexistence, and lose from conflicts.

Youth lead in positive notions  2011-01-29 07:18:21

Younger generation both in China and US are more optimistic about fruitful partnership and mutually beneficial future.

A visit of historic proportions  2011-01-26 08:03:36

For regional peace and prosperity  2011-01-26 08:03:36

China's role in the world  2011-01-25 07:56:15

China and US: mapping out path ahead  2011-01-24 07:54:25

Clean-tech trade barriers bad for US  2011-01-22 07:37:45


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