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Back on healthy tracks  2010-11-06 07:05:19

Hu Jintao's visit to France will strengthen relations and further extend their importance beyond bilateral fields.

Importance of Six-Party Talks  2010-11-05 07:38:32

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) released the results of its investigation into the sinking of Cheonan, a corvette of the Republic of Korea (ROK), on Tuesday, describing an earlier international inquiry report as the "most hideous conspiratorial farce in history".

Prize makes everyone a loser  2010-11-04 07:57:42

The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to jailed Chinese activist Liu Xiaobo has become an international cause clbre, but it is also a sad paradox.

Some advice for Japan  2010-11-04 07:57:42

Japan should sit down with China to find a long-lasting and peaceful solution to Diaoyu Islands dispute.

A crime in any other country as well  2010-11-03 07:56:17

The Liu Xiaobo case was gradually fading out of people's mind when the Norwegian Nobel Committee pulled it back into spotlight.

US' much ado about nothing  2010-11-03 07:56:17

United States politicians have been accusing China of undervaluing its currency for some time now.

Taking Sino-Turkish relations forward  2010-11-02 07:57:09

Turkey and China are located at opposing ends of Asia. Notwithstanding this physical distance, Turkish and Chinese cultures have in fact many similarities.

Nobel Peace Prize not international community voice  2010-11-01 07:55:40

Thorbjorn Jagland, Chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee and some other Western critics, recently published articles trying to justify the Committee's decision to award this year's Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo.

West flawed on human rights  2010-10-29 07:57:44

Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, wrote an article in The New York Times recently, defending Liu Xiaobo by replaying the obsolete Western tune that "human rights stand superior to state sovereignty".

East Asia in reconstruction  2010-10-29 07:57:44

The established equilibrium and political order in East Asia are undergoing delicate changes at a time when the world is sill struggling to recover from the effects of the global financial crisis and its ensuing repercussions.

The call of East Asia Summit  2010-10-28 08:07:32

The East Asia Summit (EAS) will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, on Oct 30, with United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov attending it as "special guests".

Cabbage crisis cries out for FTA  2010-10-28 08:07:32

The Republic of Korea (ROK) is facing a cabbage crisis, with the price of the vegetable reaching a historic high of more than 10,000 won (nearly $9) a piece.

No matter how well Japan tries, it cannot deny history  2010-10-27 08:10:34

After decades of territorial dispute with China over Diaoyu Islands, Japan changed its stance in the 1990s and began denying it had any territorial dispute with China.

Diaoyu Islands dispute a watershed  2010-10-27 08:10:34

Four experts express their views on the dispute between China and Japan over Diaoyu Islands and how it can be resolved.

Sanctions on Iran, dilemma for China  2010-10-26 07:59:20

The United States has been forcing other countries to comply with the United Nations sanctions against Iran, and it has been blaming Chinese companies for breaking the embargoes on Iran.

More proactive diplomacy  2010-10-25 07:53:21

The Communique sends a clear message to China watchers that its diplomacy is changing from a reactive approach to a proactive approach.

People-to-people exchanges for Sino-Japanese ties  2010-10-22 07:52:49

About 1,000 young Japanese will visit the Shanghai World Expo from Oct 27 to 30, following the arrival in Japan, on Oct 12, of some 400 Chinese students for a nine-day stay.

Will it be China's century?  2010-10-19 07:56:02

Are some Western media, politicians and public opinions right when they are worried about a "Chinese economic imperialism" ?

Islands' sovereignty indisputable  2010-10-16 07:44:29

They are an inalienable part of China's territory according to historical facts and international law; Japan's claim untenable.

Don't judge research by Nobel Prize  2010-10-15 08:12:45

Every year after the Nobel prizes for physics, chemistry and physiology or medicine are announced, the media in China ask when a Chinese will get such an award.

Dialogue key to peace  2010-10-15 08:12:45

New strategy needed for co-existence  2010-10-14 07:57:58

Relations with Africa sound  2010-10-12 07:58:29

Keeping calm at sea essential  2010-10-12 07:58:29

Part of the plot to contain China  2010-10-11 08:00:32

Sovereignty beyond doubt  2010-10-11 08:00:32

Ties need calmness and courage: Wen  2010-10-08 07:52:33

Importance of youth dialogue  2010-10-08 07:52:33


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