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China important to UK  2010-10-01 08:09:33

It is time for further mutual understanding and respect to forge close cooperation in a wider range of areas.

Japan must look beyond its internal problems  2010-09-30 07:49:25

Many Japanese media outlets have criticized Japan's government for having "failed to stick to its original stance" after Tokyo released Zhan Qixiong, the captain of the Chinese fishing trawler, on Sept 25.

Military coexistence in new era  2010-09-30 07:49:25

China and the United States were once again embroiled in a war of words recently, this time as a result of the military drills near China's coastal waters. Media in both countries decoded the recent war games from various angles: tit-for-tat actions, one country's anxiety over the other, or the extending of strategic feelers.

Confucius and East Asian modernity ethic  2010-09-29 07:50:27

The assumption of the 1960s when the modernization theory in vogue at Harvard that the worldwide process of rationalization, defined in terms of industrialization, urbanization, Westernization and modernization, would wipe out cultural, institutional, structural, and ideational differences is no longer tenable.

Military should never be 'solution'  2010-09-28 08:06:30

Patriotic or nationalistic voices are strong in China following the tension with Japan over Japan's illegal detention of a Chinese trawler captain as well as the US military drills in the South China Sea and Yellow Sea.

A genuine bilateral relationship  2010-09-28 08:06:30

Over the past two decades, Sino-Russian summits have become the norm.

Spare a thought for energy conservation  2010-09-28 08:06:30

There are reports of fairly frequent blackouts in some of China's provinces, especially Hebei, which almost encircles Beijing.

Eastern civilization's roles  2010-09-28 08:06:30

As Asian economies develop further, the ancient pursuit of 'harmony but not uniformity shines again.

Friendly advice to Japan  2010-09-23 08:16:29

Tokyo should desist from taking a stance on Diaoyu Islands that could escalate tensions and harm bilateral relations.

China, the US and ASEAN  2010-09-22 08:11:11

The role of regional powers is increasing even at high-level meetings of big countries, paving the way for multilateralism.

The global community's goals  2010-09-21 08:18:59

Despite progress, developing countries still need cooperation and assistance from the developed world

Advancing human resources  2010-09-20 08:02:37

The following is the full text of the Joint Ministerial Statement issued by the Secretariat of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Human Resources Development (HRD) Ministerial Meeting, which held its fifth meeting in Beijing from Sept 16-17, 2010.

Deepening cooperation and exchanges for inclusive growth  2010-09-17 07:42:03

President Hu gives priority to human resources development and strategies while addressing APEC meeting in Beijing.

A constructive role with China  2010-09-13 08:17:19

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the historic China-World Bank Group partnership - a partnership that has seen one of the most successful engagements of the World Bank Group and has contributed to shaping China's modernization and development.

Japan's action off Diaoyu raises concern  2010-09-10 07:44:04

A Chinese fishing trawler, Minjinyu, collided with a 1,349-ton Japanese patrol boat, Yonakuni, near the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea on Tuesday.

When will the US ever learn?  2010-09-07 07:58:16

The recent US-written-and directed farce in East Asia has a dazzlingly clear plot. It does exhibit the "writer-director's" habitual arrogance but belies its lack of confidence.

How US can avoid road to ruin  2010-09-03 07:49:52

In this spirit of "mutual trust and respect", the economic symbiosis between China and the US must be upgraded and broadened to include the political and military symbiosis between the two great nations.

Changing rules of the nuclear game  2010-09-02 08:42:12

The US has been pointing a finger at China, directly or indirectly, over the past several months, especially over issues involving China's relations with its neighbors.

'China threat' theory is absurd  2010-09-02 08:52:46

when it took off on the road to rapid economic development, the West's unease began turning into fear, giving rise to the "China threat" theory which is bandied about so rampantly across the world today.

Roles of Europe and China in new world  2010-09-02 08:55:51

The potential importance of High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton's visit to China this week should not be underestimated.

Smoothing out Sino-EU ties  2010-09-01 07:51:08

Sino-EU ties lost in translation  2010-08-31 07:51:13

Trade boost to bilateral ties  2010-08-28 08:34:05

Latin America ties prosper  2010-08-23 08:06:05

It's time US realized value of peace  2010-08-18 07:45:14

US move a provocation  2010-08-17 07:47:40

Ties with Japan important  2010-08-16 08:01:37

Cold War mindset harms peace  2010-08-13 07:54:38

Games Americans play  2010-08-07 07:25:08


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