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Debate: Sino-US ties  2010-04-26 08:03:05

Did Chinese President Hu Jintao's participation in the Washington nuclear summit help reverse the deterioration of US-China relations? Two scholars express their different views.

How to improve China's image  2010-04-23 07:44:25

I read in an April 12 article in Lianhe Zaobao that Chinese leaders should be more aggressive in defending China's image abroad in order to avoid the fate of the Soviet Union, which was labeled an "evil empire" by the United States.

Fruitful presidential diplomacy  2010-04-21 07:54:09

Chinese leader's efforts at nuclear security and BRIC summits display responsibility and people-first principle

Rational calculation needed  2010-04-19 08:04:53

US domestic politics often cloud the yuan exchange rate issue instead of making way for mutual economic benefits

EU-China ties face new questions  2010-04-16 08:19:06

China's long-term development strategy would be undermined if Europe was to mimic the protectionist sentiments that appear to be hardening in the US.

Tapping the potential  2010-04-16 08:19:06

Common strategic interest will bring China close to Latin America as both seek development in a new global order

Bright prospects for BRIC  2010-04-15 08:20:38

Gathering of leaders from major emerging economies will lead to closer cooperation and stronger economic recovery

Securing a nuclear-safe home together  2010-04-15 08:20:38

The end of the Cold War failed to reverse the world's nuclear armament process, although enormous changes have occurred since then on the global nuclear landscape.

Hu's visit to boost relations  2010-04-14 08:21:33

Latin America is a true, indispensible partner and holds great cooperative potential for China's peaceful development

US wakes from nuclear energy slumber  2010-04-13 08:17:18

China is in the forefront of developing "green energy"- nuclear, wind, solar - as a way to cut emissions and to reduce dependence on imported oil. The thunder from China was loud enough to break America's 30-year lull.

Guard against economic spies  2010-04-13 08:17:18

Compared with other countries, China has to amend its legal and systemic loopholes to protect its commercial secrets

Debate: Nuclear summit  2010-04-12 08:16:08

This week's nuclear security summit promises to address some of the most pressing issues facing the global community. What is at stake for its members? Two experts give us their views.

Maturing in diplomacy  2010-04-12 08:16:08

President Hu Jintao is attending a high-profile global safety summit in Washington DC on April 12, when 47 leaders of countries with nuclear capability will gather to discuss nuclear safety, a crucial issue for international security.

Election a boost to Sino-UK ties  2010-04-08 07:50:42

A new government led by David Cameron, the 43-year-old Conservative leader, has already signaled there might be a change in foreign policy. He has said Britain should have a "solid but not slavish" relationship with the US and build stronger ties with emerging economic superpowers such as China.

The US won't fire its label gun  2010-04-08 07:50:42

Yuan's peg to the dollar helps the US currency from freefalling and a gradual appreciation could be a long-term option

China-bashing based on bad economics  2010-04-07 07:58:14

The United States' fixation on the "China problem" is now boiling over. From Google to the renminbi, China is being blamed for all that ails the US. Unfortunately, this reflects a potentially lethal combination of political scapegoating and bad economics that could end in tears.

West must reflect on Rio aftermath  2010-04-01 07:48:47

Western countries have tried to meddle with the judicial system of developing countries, including China, whenever they have passed a verdict against Western nationals or companies. They do so because of three reasons.

Stop blaming China for America's woes  2010-03-31 07:51:02

We need to be clear that China's rise is good for the world economy. And we need to be clear that China does not possess any "weapons of mass economic destruction".

The surplus of promise  2010-03-31 07:51:02

China will move forward in pushing for imports while dissuading exporting nations to cease their discriminatory controls

Absurd transcendental pretense  2010-03-30 07:51:24

Today, many in the West believe that understanding China, though not easy, is not problematic. The West is perceived to be a bastion of universal rationality. Yet there are voices that "the West does not understand China". Why?

The high cost of ignorance  2010-03-29 07:52:52

Goodbye Google and GM information  2010-03-26 07:51:49

Google's exit a deliberate plot  2010-03-25 07:48:40

Let's not lose focus in climate fight  2010-03-23 07:51:59

US is the true money meddler  2010-03-23 07:51:59

Improving China-Russian ties  2010-03-22 07:53:34

A tiresome affair of US demands  2010-03-22 07:53:34

China is good news for Latin America  2010-03-19 08:01:50

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