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No dispute over these waters  2010-08-04 09:27:06

Some Southeast Asian countries are engaged in the power game in the South China Sea because they want to seize more ocean resources. So, the problem cannot be solved without settling the disputes over the sovereignty of the Nansha Islands.

Tilting balance of power  2010-08-03 08:02:48

That the US and Russia have proposed to join the EAS - and ASEAN's affirmative response to their request - was an inevitable outcome of moves to maintain balance of power and preserve the core interests of major nations in the region.

What ails Sino-US relations  2010-08-03 08:02:48

Yan Xuetong is the director of Tsinghua University's Institute of International Studies and an expert on Sino-US ties. Yan, who has a PhD from the University of Berkeley, California, shares his views on recent Sino-US disputes with China Daily's Fu Yu.

Big Brother flexes muscles  2010-07-31 08:08:16

US should not hold military drills close to China to 'deter' DPRK because it threatens Beijing's territorial rights

FM: 'No power shift Eastward'  2010-08-02 08:08:24

China will work with the international community to actively promote South-South cooperation and North-South dialogue and cooperation, and to facilitate a fairer and more equitable development of the international political and economic order.

Respect development rights  2010-07-30 07:54:28

While the world is slowly starting to recover from the worst economic recession in over half a century, China, one of the chief contributors to the rebound, is once again being targeted by the politicians and media outlets of some Western nations.

Edgy for now but not forever  2010-07-30 07:54:28

But the chances of a military conflict between the US and China are slim because the two countries' ties are no longer guided by security concerns alone. The US and China have entered an era of interdependence, and economics, military and politics are the three main areas of their concern.

Time to counter US ploys  2010-07-29 07:50:04

The Obama administration adjusted Washington's Southeast Asian policy in an attempt to cozy up to ASEAN countries. The US is trying to strengthen its influence in the region so as to contain China by interfering with the ASEAN's Treaty of Amity and Cooperation.

Working for shared prosperity  2010-07-26 08:27:17

Even though China failed to qualify for the 19th World Cup in South Africa, it managed to mark its presence through a green energy enterprise, whose advertisements were widely showcased during the first-ever football tourney in the African continent.

Give anti-Beijing bias a break  2010-07-23 08:05:47

China is willing to share its fruits of development with other countries. But countries that want to share them need to expedite their efforts and make reciprocal adjustments to their policies and outlook toward China.

West wastes energy by lecturing China  2010-07-23 08:05:47

As an expatriate whose experiences in China began in 1981 with oil exploration and continues as a researcher on the economy, the environment and energy, it is easy to be annoyed with the Western media's sensationalism.

Merkel seals strategic gains  2010-07-22 07:53:44

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's four-day visit to China, which concluded Sunday, has further consolidated bilateral ties, already robust in recent years.

Equal platform, mutual benefit  2010-07-17 06:36:17

The rapidly evolving China-Africa relationship has elicited different types of response from the international community, from absurd accusations of neocolonialism to balanced views of mutual-benefit development.

Trade tops Merkel agenda  2010-07-16 07:59:37

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to China is seeking to cement economic ties between the economic powerhouses of Europe and Asia. China's remarkable growth has enabled Asia as a whole to emerge in a much better shape.

Tackle issues in shared spirit  2010-07-14 07:55:57

China and Germany should enhance cooperation and handle fresh challenges together in the post-crisis era.

EU exchange creates knowledge gap  2010-07-13 07:59:45

The European Union-China relationship has many dimensions, almost all of them to some degree controversial. Debates rage around issues of trade, investment, human rights and, more recently, climate change.

Navy drill cause for concern  2010-07-12 07:53:17

A joint navy drill by the US and the Republic of Korea (ROK) in the Yellow Sea has aggravated concern among East Asian nations, especially China, over regional peace and stability.

It's still a long road out there  2010-07-10 06:50:37

China has to clear hurdles of vast underdeveloped areas, imbalanced regional growth to become industrialized

Much to lose, everything to gain  2010-07-08 08:03:02

In the past few days, the United States and the European Union have imposed importation restrictions on three kinds of Chinese products. How will Europe's turmoil affect EU-China relations? Will it result in increasing cooperation or protectionism?

Is China or India aging better?  2010-07-07 07:54:12

Chinese and Indian demographies will be rather different three decades from now. What kind of economic outcomes are the differences expected to create?

View China objectively  2010-07-06 07:59:22

Japan should reciprocate moves  2010-07-06 07:59:22

West all at sea over China's navy  2010-07-02 07:50:36

Tweaking Sino-Australian ties  2010-06-30 07:53:29

US plays Korean card to perfection  2010-06-30 07:53:29

Time for G20 to seize its potential  2010-06-25 07:50:32

Consensus key to G20  2010-06-25 07:50:32

Kyrgyz unrest impacts nation  2010-06-24 07:39:46

Time US gave the yuan a break  2010-06-23 07:56:58

Join hands to save nature  2010-06-21 07:51:58


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