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Take multipronged approach  2010-06-18 07:57:04

The G20 summit, due to be held in Toronto, Canada at the end of this month, is entrusted with the overwhelming task of enhancing policy coordination among major world powers and promoting stable recovery of the global economy.

Global mandate for G20  2010-06-17 07:55:14

Beginning with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the global financial crisis soon spread across the world. Many of us still remember 2008 as the year when the financial tsunami and the global downturn were well within sight.

Sating resource appetite  2010-06-14 07:21:00

Securing stable, long-term oil supply is paramount and will drive China's foreign policy over the coming decades.

SCO facts nail the Western lie  2010-06-10 09:30:39

The 10th Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Council summit, which began in the Uzbekistan capital of Tashkent yesterday, has acquired special importance because of the continuing global economic crisis and an even more volatile situation in Central Asia.

Toward an East Asian community  2010-06-08 07:46:54

The recent meeting between leaders of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK) held in Jeju, ROK, marked the beginning of a new era of cooperation in East Asia.

Peaceful rise still way forward  2010-06-07 07:58:44

China's growing role on the world stage, coupled with its economic boom, has of late given rise to some criticism that the nation is breaking away from its past, low-profile approach to foreign policy.

West moving toward deeper financial abyss  2010-06-01 07:48:21

A year and half after the first shock waves of the global financial tsunami, Western economies - including the US and the European Union (EU) but excluding Australia and Canada, which are big natural resources exporters - are marching toward economic failure. I base this assertion on just one thing: Their governments are afraid to do the right thing.

New era in Northeast Asia  2010-06-01 07:48:21

The annual summit between leaders of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK) concluded on Sunday, mapping out a blueprint for tripartite cooperation by 2020.

Sustain global aid for Yushu  2010-05-31 07:50:39

The reconstruction effort at Yushu in Northwest China, which was hit by a devastating earthquake on April 14, is underway and the international community.

A bridge over troubled waters  2010-05-28 07:58:35

The second US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) ended a couple of days ago and the 200-strong American delegation has left Beijing after two days of intensive talks with their Chinese counterparts. How should we judge these important talks?

Deep talks for future ties  2010-05-27 07:49:49

China and the US should reflect on how they can help each other and the world, both economically and strategically

'Buy American' gets a whole new meaning  2010-05-25 07:55:57

Indeed, while the US is currently one of the most vibrant merger and acquisition (M&A) marketplaces, it may be all too easily overlooked, or even deemed inaccessible, by Chinese investors.

Regional integration key to growth  2010-05-24 07:56:26

China is playing an increasingly important role in promoting regional integration and cooperation in Asia, according to participants at an international symposium held earlier this month in Nanning, Southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

Debate: Sino-US S&ED  2010-05-24 07:56:26

What kind of channel should the Strategic and Economic Dialogue between China and the US be? Where is the future of the dialogue? Two experts express their views.

Sino-US ties on right track  2010-05-21 07:52:33

Shared concerns will trump bilateral disputes between the world's largest developed power and largest developing nation.

How to boost China's peaceful rise  2010-05-18 07:50:06

The rise of China has been a popular topic of discussion for the past few years, especially after the global financial crisis struck in late 2007. The main reason for this may be America's waning hegemony contrasted by China's fast recovery from the crisis.

Different roads, same destination  2010-05-17 08:00:18

It will be interesting to see how China and India invest in their economic, business and social structure.

Historical relations down the ages  2010-05-14 07:52:08

China and Arab countries have made great progress in communications and cooperation after setting up the China-Arab Cooperation Forum in 2004. Sino-Arab cooperation cannot progress without the support of government departments and NGOs. More importantly, the development of Sino-Arab relations helps meet the realistic demands of the two sides in the fields of politics, economy and national strategy. And that conforms to globalization.

Dealing with Iran's nuke issue  2010-05-14 07:52:08

China and other key world powers, except the US, have keen national interests at stake as far as Teheran is concerned

Defense ties make headway  2010-05-13 07:53:02

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) is committed to implementing the nation's foreign policy, and developing military relations with foreign powers and they are non-aligned, non-confrontational and not directed against any third party.

Mixed signals from Kim's visit  2010-05-12 07:54:20

Base talks on mutual respect  2010-05-11 07:53:37

Closer bilateral ties  2010-05-10 07:53:55

Impact of Hatoyama's reforms  2010-05-07 07:51:54

Importance of China's neighborhood  2010-05-07 07:51:54

Ricci, relevance of tolerance  2010-05-06 08:02:21

Renewing the French connection  2010-04-30 07:52:39

US backs warm cross-Straits ties  2010-04-29 07:55:20

Warming ties with Europe  2010-04-29 07:55:20


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