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135 people climbed Mt Qomolangma

Updated: 2013-05-20 14:46

KATHMANDU - Some 135 individuals, including Indian twin sisters and Pakistani siblings, ascended Mount Qomolangma (also know as Mount Everest in the West) on Sunday, Nepal government officials said.

"Out of 135 climbers, 59 are foreigners and 76 are Nepali citizens," Tilak Pandey, an official at mountaineering department of Nepal, told Xinhua.

The Indian twins are Tashi Mali and Nungshi Malik, making the history by being first twin sisters to summit Mt Qomolangma.

Similarly, Pakistani Siblings Mirza and Sameena Baig also climbed the top mountain of the world setting a new world record.

Miss Sameena is first Pakistani women mountaineer to climb the world's highest peak, while Mizra Ali, third and youngest Pakistani male to climb the top of world's highest point.

The weatherman has forecast the "fair weather window" from May 18-25 for Qomolangma ascent this spring expedition. Mt Qomolangma saw its first spring summit this year on May 10.

"The weather is very conducive and Mt Qomolangma will witness more climbers in the next few days," said Tilak Pandey, adding that they are receiving the records of climbers every day.

On Sunday morning, a joint army team of Nepal-Indian made a successful ascent of Mt Qomolangma. There were nine members in the joint army expedition team.

Saturday, Raha Moharrak, 25, became first Saudi women from her country to climb Mt Qomolangma. Raha Moharrak was one of 64 climbers who scaled Mt Qomolangma on Saturday.  

Last spring, there were 560 individuals, including 335 foreigners but only 181 made to the top.

As the Nepal is going to mark Diamond Jubilee to mark the man's conquest on the highest peak of the earth on May 29, Qomolangma is likely to witness new world records.

Min Bahadur Sherchan, 81 years old Nepali citizen and 80-year old Yuichiro Miura are competing to secure the title of world's oldest person. According to Pandey, both Miura and Sherchan are currently in Qomolangma base camp.

"Both Miura and Sherchan are making preparations at case camp for climbing," Pandey told Xinhua.

The government of Nepal plans to award Diamond Jubilee medals to all Mt Qomolangma record holders and for that purpose, the government has invited all the record holders in Nepal to come into contact.

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