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V-Day parade presents collective will for peace

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-09-04 08:32

But it was a memorial event; and on such occasions a military review is normal and appropriate. Many countries have celebrated such anniversaries with a military parade. China, an unmistakable leading character in the Far East theater of WWII, had more reasons than most to do so.

Sure, the People's Liberation Army unveiled a couple of new makings some outsiders found "threatening", including the well-gossiped about DF-21D missiles. And the way the phalanges were formed offered clues to changes in the strategic thinking and tactics of the PLA. These just boil down to updated combat capabilities.

And like all military developments, they are in no way intimidating in the right hands.

To those suspicious of China's orientation, President Xi Jinping made a solemn vow: "China will never seek hegemony, China will never seek to expand, and will never inflict the tragedies it suffered in the past upon others." He substantiated that promise with the announcement that the PLA was to cut 300,000 troops.

Aggression and overseas expansion have never been a part of the Chinese cultural DNA. Even the Chinese military classic Art of War deems the use of force as the very last resort.

"Do not attack until attacked." That is a sacred ancient teaching enshrined and faithfully observed by present-day China.

For the organizers and the home audience, the commemorative parade was not about military muscle. For them, the core messages were quite the opposite.

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