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Should a woman propose to a man?

( Updated: 2015-08-21 08:25

Melissa (Canada)

I don't feel there's anything wrong with a woman proposing to a man. It doesn't mean you're desperate. When a man proposes to a woman does that mean he's desperate too? What if he's ready and the woman isn't? He's waiting for her. Women want a confident, strong man that can take charge. But men also want a woman who is confident, self sufficient and knows what she wants from life. So my thing is, proposing is no ones responsibility anymore.

Should a woman propose to a man?

A man takes a motorboat holding a torch to propose to his girlfriend on Egret Island Park, Nanjing, Aug 6, 2012. The man had a specially-styled David Beckham Mohican hairstyle and was accompanied by his own 'Queen's Guard'. [Photo/CFP]

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