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Myanmar must end bombing errors

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-03-16 08:13

Myanmar must end bombing errors

A child stands between people who fled from the conflict zone as they line up for food at a monastery which is being set as temporary refugee camp in Lashio, Myanmar, Feb 18, 2015. [Photo/IC]

On Friday, five people wear killed and another eight injured, when bombs dropped by Myanmar military planes hit Lincang city in Yunnan province. This is the fourth time within a month Myanmar military planes have entered Chinese territorial airspace, and the third time they have dropped bombs on Chinese territory. Comments:

Some people are so angry at Chinese citizens being killed by a foreign military that they are urging the government to act firmly, even abolish the policy of non-interference in another country's domestic affairs. China should adhere to its non-interference policy, but it should do more to advance peace talks in northern Myanmar, the main battlefield.

People's Daily, via WeChat, March 15

Before killing and injuring Chinese citizens, Myanmar military planes had already crossed the border twice within a month, but China's air force still failed to take preventive measures.

Yue Gang, a military commentator and former officer at the General Staff Headquarters of the People's Liberation Army, March 14

Geographic conditions on the border between Myanmar and China are really complicated, and the hills offer cover for the rebel forces. So Myanmar's military planes no doubt bombed Chinese citizens unintentionally. However, their failures should not be paid for with the blood of Chinese citizens and the Myanmar government must do something about it., March 14

This is not the first time that Myanmar military forces have injured Chinese citizens... China needs to avoid speculating about the matter, because that would possibly harm the bilateral friendship. Myanmar has always been a good partner of China, and is very important to its national interests. China must prevent it from leaning to the West.

Hong Lin, media commentator, March 14

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