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Should Shaolin be commercialized?

( Updated: 2015-03-11 08:07

Serena (China)

I don't think so. Commercialization is the biggest threat to the survival of religion because the essence of some religion will be overlooked or even abandoned for the sake of developing business and making money. I heard that visitors are not allowed to take their own incense into the Shaolin Temple and have to buy it at higher cost in the temple. Most ordinary people have no access to watch some amazing Shaolin kung fu because it is only open to VIP visitors. The head Shi said: "We are citizens and need money to live." But citizens are not equal to businessmen, not to mention the annual 50-million-yuan ticket income and the donation made by visitors. Now the Shaolin Temple has stepped into the industries like tourism, tea, movies and health care products. It is has become a multinational company instead of a temple.

Should Shaolin be commercialized?

Shaolin martial arts students perform during a rehearsal of 'Nuit de Chine' (Night of China) event at the Grand Palais in Paris, January 26, 2014. [Photo/Agencies]

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