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Two-child policy fundamental to population security

By Mu Guangzong (China Daily) Updated: 2015-03-05 07:39

Two-child policy fundamental to population security

A child holds family planning service card. IC/Han Yuhong

While 39 scholars jointly called for a comprehensive two-child policy, the family planning authorities' think tank has ruled out any policy loosening this year. However, it is high time China reflected on the outcomes from its family planning policy in the past decades and accelerated its reform.

There are about 180 million one-child families in China and they face high risks. The number of families that will lose their only child is expected to exceed 10 million in future. A more family friendly population policy allowing more couples to have a second child would reduce the number of such tragedies.

Also the one-child family structure and relationships are unhealthy and have produced many social problems. For instance, a huge number of "empty nest" elderly face numerous challenges from the lack of support in their old age.

It's of great significance that President Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of healthy families in his Lunar New Year greetings.

Many low-income families have suffered for a long time from the poverty resulting from the huge fines and social maintenance fees collected because they have violated the family planning policy.

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