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New 'tiger list' shows leadership's resolve to clean up the military

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-03-04 08:31

After publishing a "tiger list" months ago that included information about 16 senior military officers being hunted in the anti-graft storm, the People's Liberation Army released an additional list on Monday, announcing another 14 senior officers being investigated for corruption. Comments:

Compared with the previous list, the new one gives people confidence that no one in the military is immune to the anti-graft storm. Some of the newly hunted tigers have quite deep family backgrounds - for example, Guo Zhenggang, deputy Party chief of Zhejiang military region, who had just been promoted in January. A retired senior military leader who hoped to remain anonymous said: "This is the best evidence that family background cannot shield a 'tiger' from being investigated."

Global Times (Chinese Edition), March 3

As an armed group for special missions, the military has always been treated specially. Yet, by firmly hunting the "tigers" in it, the leaders of the Communist Party of China have not only shown the whole world their determination to clean up the military, they are also propelling its modernization., March 3

Instead of waiting for questions from the media, the PLA has once again chosen to release the anti-corruption information, which symbolizes its tendency for more transparency. Through this move, the PLA is also preventing the news from having a negative effect on its image, because where truth arrives rumors will disappear.

Li Lei, a professor of journalism at the Communication University of China, March 3

In the two years since he assumed office, top leader Xi Jinping has taken a series of moves to regulate the PLA. Military housing projects, financial accounting, the selection and promotion of officers - in all these aspects, the top leadership has issued and strictly enforced new regulations. The hunting of the 14 new "tigers" will not be the end and more can be expected to be hunted in the future.

People's Daily, via WeChat, March 2

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