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ROK documentary will help world to view China rationally and objectively

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-02-17 08:20

From Jan 15 to 24, KBS, a leading broadcaster in the Republic of Korea, aired a documentary series, Super China, which gave detailed information on seven aspects of China, and invited international scholars to review the changes it has brought about to the world. The documentary became very popular. Comments:

People in the ROK have always tried to understand and study China. The country's TV channels telecast lots of reports and interviews about China, most of which focus on its history and the social environment. Super China marks an innovative step forward in this regard. ROK people know they have benefited from their giant neighbor's growth and the documentary shows that in a friendly manner.

Wang Yuantao, chief correspondent in Beijing of ROK-based Aju Business Daily, Feb 13

The documentary, Super China, shows the ROK is already facing the question: Does a rising China mean new opportunities or crisis? China's development has benefited not only China, but also its neighbors despite giving rise to some problems such as widening social gaps and environmental pollution. The world needs to learn to coexist with China.

Global Times (Chinese Edition), Feb 13

The documentary on China won a very high audience rating of 10 percent, which shows that not only cultural scholars but also ordinary people in the ROK want to learn something about China. In contrast, neither the Chinese media nor Chinese audiences make that extra effort to learn more about the ROK. This could prove disadvantageous for China in global market competition, because the future belongs to those with an open mind.

Guangzhou Daily, Feb 14

Some features of the documentary, such as exaggeration of the threat posed by China, the fear of being invaded and the worry about China's naval forces, show ROK scholars are deeply influenced by Western perspectives on history. But the documentary itself is an effort to see China rationally and objectively, which will become a popular trend globally., Feb 13

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