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My knowledge of the Chinese Zodiac

( Updated: 2015-02-17 08:40

11. Dog

Very likeable, honest, intelligent and straightforward

Deep sense of loyalty and passion for justice and fair play

Animated and attractive, amiable and unpretentious, can get along with others and is not too demanding

At times will protect the interests of others more than himself

Anger can come in bight flashes, but will die quickly too, it will always be justifiable though

The Dog was born with his defenses up, you will have to gain their confidence slowly

Will work hard when he wants to, otherwise has a certain "lie by the fire" laziness

Can be practical, fearless and the owner of a sharp tongue, unrealistic and outspoken

The Dog, Tiger and Horse are united in their quest for idealism, you will find it hard to relax in the presence of the Dragon.

My knowledge of the Chinese Zodiac

Paper cutting of 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac are on display in Nanjing on Sept 7, 2014. [Photo/IC]

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