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The love of learning

By MichaelM ( Updated: 2015-01-16 17:22

When I was a kid, I was just like every other kid. I didn't like school much. Oh, as usual, I liked being with friends and having fun. But, I didn't like the discipline of learning, studying, memorizing, etc. Too much work. As I got into high school, things changed for me. I started reading a lot of books. Books that taught me about life and how to live it. I read around 30 books my junior and senior year. I've never stopped. I learned to love to read.

Little did I know at that time that I would eventually write books myself. I've since written 7 books. One book I wrote, 'Powerful Attitudes', was a huge success within a network marketing company in the USA.

When I was 17 years old, I took about a dozen guitar lessons. I feel in love with guitar music no matter if it is blues, rock, flamenco or classical. I've attended concerts and have heard some great guitarists through the years. Recently, I bought myself a piano. When I looked at them, I decided to buy the best piano that the store offered. If I was going to learn, I wanted to learn on the best one I could get. I've since learned a lot. It's only been a few months but I've made considerable progress. My knowledge of music and playing guitar has helped me a lot in learning piano.

Last week, I hired a Chinese teacher to teach me Chinese. I've learned about 200 words in my first week. I'm inspired and motivated to learn. In fact, I feel a bit obsessed with learning it. It's like a mountain I want to climb and conquer. I'm 56 years old and my passion to learn it runs deep in my heart, mind and soul.

I think one thing I definitely learned growing up in the West and getting my education there is, to love learning. I never want to stop learning. I never want to stop studying people, life, processes and new things. I think it keeps you younger. I think the integrity of admitting what you do know and acknowledging what you don't know, makes you a good learner. You never lie to yourself or to others about your knowledge and experience. I have the attitude that if I don't know something, I will eventually know it.

I think to love learning is to love life. I never want to lose my love of learning. I thrive on it. It keeps my mind active and my heart young.

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