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Fighting Ebola is important for mid-term elections

( Updated: 2014-10-21 10:08

The Obama administration’s fight with the rampant Ebola virus will to some extent decide the result of the mid-term elections next month, says an article in the Beijing News.


First death outside of Africa due to Ebola occurred in the United States on Oct 4. Two nurses who took care of the patient before his death have also been diagnosed with the disease. The inability of the US, the world’s most developed country renowned for its strong medical care system, technology and administration, to prevent the death has set off a global panic.

The Republicans will not miss the opportunity to attack the Democrats in the mid-term elections in November. The Obama administration will certainly try its best to correct its poor reaction to Ebola threat.

After the patient’s death, Obama asked the rules on protecting nurses and doctors in epidemic diseases to be revised, and authorized the Pentagon later to send reserves to West Africa to fight the virus.

He also appointed advisor Ron Klain, a person who does not have any medical education and professional background or any experience in disease prevention and control, as the person in charge of controlling Ebola virus in the US, replacing the head of the US’s Center of Disease Control (CDC).

It is questionable if Klain can fulfill his new duties. Disease prevention and control entails experience, knowledge and strong coordinating abilities. Obama should focus more on improving the CDC’s work, rather than hurriedly appointing one of his close colleagues to do the job. At least, the appointment does not add to international community’s confidence in the crucial fight against Ebola.

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