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Does China lack innovation?

( Updated: 2014-10-20 08:08

Editor's note: Has China shed its "factory of the world" reputation to become an innovation driven country? If no, how far does China lag behind the US and Europe? What hurdles will China have to overcome to be a leading global innovator? Forum readers share their thoughts. You're welcome to add yours.

Tobehonest (China)

As a Chinese, I believe my country is one of greatest innovation powerhouses. Many people think that the country's education system are killing people's imagination, and therefore China cannot make any progress in innovation. Living in China for the past 17 years, I truly realize that China has developed at an amazing pace. Chinese are good at learning through failures. I bought a Xiaomi mobile phone at the double11 sale at Taobao, an online shopping website. Xiaomi sold mobile phones worth half a billion yuan in just one day. Similarly, Haier, Huawei's proposal of inventing wireless cellphone with wire is obviously a cataclysm of cultural combination.

Does China lack innovation?

Xiaomi released its new phone Mi 4 in Beijing on July 22. Wang Jing / China Daily

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