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Close neighbors join hands

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-10-14 07:24

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Opportunities abound for business

As China has remained the largest trade partner of Russia for four successive years, Russian enterprises are showing increased interest in trade with China. More than one Russian entrepreneur has pointed out that China's enormous productive potential and Russia's advanced technologies are mutually complementary; together they can form a key link in the global value chain.

Economic Daily, Oct 13

Oct 2 marks the 65th birthday of the Sino-Russian relationship, yet it is still vital and energetic. Now they are at a fresh starting point, facing new opportunities. Whatever situations may emerge, the two neighboring powers will defend the world's peaceful development together.

Li Hui, China's Ambassador to Russia, Voice of Russia, Oct 2

China and Russia have often made big deals and their past cooperation programs range from the defense industry to energy; this time, with Premier Li's visit, there is hope of breakthroughs in fields such as natural gas pipelines, GPS and high-speed railways. High-tech will be a new feature for their cooperation.

Song Hong, researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing Business Today, Oct 13

The two economies of China and Russia are mutually complementary, but their cooperation is not without obstacles. For example, the provinces on their borders have similar economic structures, which makes it difficult for them to cooperate with each other deeply. But Russia holds a more positive attitude toward China because of the Ukraine crisis and is trying to lock in long-term contracts in the negotiations. This is a good opportunity for China to secure a stable energy supply, which will be mutually beneficial.

ifeng TV, Oct 13

Amid the global economic recession, Russia faced a decline of 2 percent in its total export volume in the first half of 2014, yet its trade volume with China increased by 3.3 percent. With Russia's development of its Far Eastern regions and enlargement of oil and natural gas exports, the two face more opportunities for economic cooperation ahead.

International Business Daily, Oct 13


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