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How children earn pocket money around the world

( Updated: 2014-09-30 08:22

Editor’s Note: Some children given a weekly or monthly allowance, while others must find their own ways to earn pocket money. Experts say it’s best to help them learn the value of money, savings and work while they are young. Our forum readers have shared their experiences about making money as children. What are yours?


Being in America, I received a weekly allowance if I completed a set list of chores. (In America, only rich people can afford maids.) Actually, I had to do them anyway, but my parents would give me extra money (actually not a lot) if I worked on other projects, like pulling weeds from the garden or cleaning the garage.

One time, I went on strike because I thought my pay was too little. My best friend, who lived next door, however, betrayed me and did the job for the price my mother originally offered.

I’m not so sure if I would do the same thing with my own children (I don't have any yet).Probably just give them a set allowance, but make them do their chores.

How children earn pocket money around the world

Seniors at Solvay High School participate in Mad City, a recreation of what their life may be like in 10 years. Each student is given a life history with a job and credit score and they go to different tables in the school gym to buy cars, clothing, day care, ect. L-R; students Leslie Santos, Brandon Pelose, and Elana Chapman go through the costs of child care with Linda Kelly of ACMG Credit Union. [Photo/IC]

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