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Panda's foreign journey

By Judy_Zhu ( Updated: 2014-10-08 17:19

The CCTV4 channel is essential to the life of overseas Chinese. As for me, news programmes, the cultural series Homeland, Dreamland and the advertisements are my favorites. A noncommercial music video on CCTV4 impressed me a lot, and I believe it can help change some people’s unpleasant habits .

The video created a humanlike image of the panda, telling the story of a foreign journey. It shows all sorts of uncivilized behavior when traveling abroad, eyebrows being raised by locals and other tourists.

In the eyes of the world, the panda represents China. By drawing on these images, CCTV reminds us: "Do not forget, the whole world is watching," to awaken people's consciousness of civilized travel.

I have been considered an atypical Chinese. When in southeast Asia, many people asked whether I was from Taiwan. When I traveled in Japan, locals asked whether I was from South Korea. When I am here, many people ask if I am Japanese. Every time I reply that I am Chinese.

When one of my neighbors asked if I was from Hong Kong or mainland China, I told her mainland China and told her I’m confused as to why people keep asking and I feel most of them are surprised at my answer.

She told me it is because I am unlike a typical Chinese. Why? "Because you are softly spoken, always smiling and you look polite, friendly and well-educated."

She added, "Very different from travelers at the landmarks, who talk and laugh loudly in crowds and make a mess".

I explained that maybe they were overexcited by the new things, while emphasizing that actually most Chinese people are well behaved, like me. Although I explained this, I was saddened by her words because I couldn’t deny that many of our fellows are not behaving properly and not respecting local customs when they are abroad.

I think everyone's manners are representative of China's image when in front of the world. We are all responsible to establish a good image. 

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