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Should China enforce tighter rules on foreign teachers?

( Updated: 2014-09-26 07:46

Editor's note: China has raised its thresholds for foreigner teachers, given that some foreigners claiming to be English teachers are unqualified for the position. Starting Oct 31, all foreign teachers in Beijing must have at least five years' teaching experience and teacher qualifications or other international language teaching qualification certificates, such as TEFL and TESL. Is it necessary to tighten the requirements for foreign teachers? You are welcome to voice your opinion.

vorgal78 (Australia)

I am an ESL teacher. I have taught and lived in china twice. I think it is a great place, most of the time. I have met a lot of other foreigners who teach English over there and sometimes I wonder why I have invested so much of my time in educating myself to be a better teacher when anyone seems to be able to get a teaching job. Well, after thinking about it for a long time I realized that if the Chinese people are not happy about the situation then they should petition their government to change the situation. Raise the level of standards required to teach in China. Of course, if you pay to learn conversational English then don't expect people with a master's degree to teach you for less than they could earn back home. To all of those people who do want to learn, remember that anyone can teach you something, you just have to be open to the lessons, whatever they are.

Should China enforce tighter rules on foreign teachers?

A foreign teacher interacts with her students at an English training center in Hangzhou on July 8, 2014.

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