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How do you live green?

( Updated: 2014-09-11 08:10

WhiteBear (Poland)

I use AC only when needed and only in the room where I spend the time, with the windows closed, and the same with heating.

I carry my own bag, so I can reduce the number of foil bags used.

I change the fridge settings in different seasons, and according to the capacity of goods inside.

I do laundry using the ECO function when possible (for a small laundry load).

I turn off the water between the soaping and rinsing.

Electric devices (like chargers of many kinds) are connected in a way that I can easily turn off all of them when not necessary (going out, etc).

Use as few extension cables as possible, especially for the high power devices (cooking, heating).

I ride a bicycle as a preferred vehicle when possible.

I take public transportation when available.

Use low power electric devices when possible (energy class rating, power rating).

Use good quality, rechargeable batteries/accumulators (LiIon, LiPol, etc.) instead of the typical "chemical batteries" (alkaline).

How do you live green?

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How do you live green?

How do you live green?

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