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The reality of my hometown

By 尼色 ( Updated: 2014-09-05 16:57

It’s Aug 30, early in the morning. The direction of my journey was blown towards my birth place with my brothers. It had been many years since I had seen my hometown so I was eager to reach my destination.

I couldn’t sit properly on the seat as my cells coerced me to hurry up. Waterfalls, mountains and twisted, curving roads and green grasses were left behind. The arrayed houses unimaginably twinkled in my eyes with love and excitement.

Slowly, the vehicle made its way around a hair pin curve. My monastery (Sadod Yawu Gonpa) greeted me and I prayed from my heart for it to flourish and be prosperous. My ancient monastery is located in Nyarong Sadod, which is the first village in Nyarong from Ganzi. It is about 28 km from Ganzi and takes about half an hour to get there from Ganzi. This Buddhist monastery is very old. This monastery is a place of worship for more than 100 families and it has many different categories of formal activities. Beside the main temple, there is a Buddhism Science Center for monks and children to promote and preserve Tibetan Buddhism. This monastery is surrounded by forests, jungles and different groves. The wonderful natural beauty attracted me to stay there.

At the entrance to my old and wonderful home my mom, dad, brothers and others were waiting for us with love. It has been a long time since I came home and saw my family members. Even-though my home is so old and incomparable with other new houses, it is the best ever and most admirable in our village. That’s because of my parents’ good deeds and sacrifices towards the holy lamas. For a long time, nothing bad happened in my family. It is most amazing and wonderful for me to stay in my home. On the other hand a few young people in our village had passed away and it has been too catastrophic to read about their sadness and grief. I’m not happy to learn about those who are dead and the bad things that happened to them. They were very good and very important to me and my family members too.

What a wonderful harmony and unity with other families in our village! After I got arrived back home in the morning, unexpected people came to say hello. I came to know that my parents and brothers are cooperating with villagers irrespective of self-hardship. Every person was concerned about my health and physical appearance. They asked me to take care of my health and preserve what I’ve learned so far. I really got inspired by their concern. I couldn’t reveal my real thoughts and feelings to them, but I quietly thanked them and was grateful. I will never forget the people who hosted me in my birth place. Now I’m very happy to stay here rather than stay with neighbors in megacities. Thank you very much.

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